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Frage von Blackeagle123:
Januar 2007

Hallo ihr Lieben,

I've been for some time now and have Slashcam is very much in the meantime learned. I am 16 years old, a high school student and do (Supporting Actor game) a lot of extra in the field of graphics (usSchülerzeitung layout) but vorallem film (several documentaries, trailers, shorts, etc.). I go in Rhineland-Palatinate to school, live in Hesse and Bavaria. (Parents separated)

I have often thought, what movies I like to achieve would have so many ideas, but it fails mostly s.der financial support.

Therefore the question of whether her film foundations knows that such "young filmmaker" likes to support! Whether this is through the provision of Camera (s) and accessories, through meetings to Learning or similar ... Once in such a foundation is there, then drops it to a later vll synonymous easier s.ein scholarship to come! I am applying and would like it as a new task, a foundation to inspire ;-)

My interest is very high in this area and I plan now to a film school to go and make it a special, professional short film to create.

I already have a few web pages that contain information about this offer, but I do not know exactly the right approach. (see below) for recommendations, tips, etc. I would be very grateful.

Quite a lot, and love greetings in the hope of your help!

PS: So far found websites
http://www.hessische-filmfoerderung.de/ (This appears only phone number?)

Mir is still unclear how the action is! Once you get financial assistance for a short film to produce, or should one with existing resources, an short film produced and may, in retrospect, may receive money?

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Blackeagle123" wrote:
www.hessische-filmfoerderung.de (This appears only phone number?)

No Logo to see, not a film strip with photos? With a click on it to get to the menu and on the other pages.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Blackeagle123" wrote:
Mir is still unclear how the action is! Once you get financial assistance for a short film to produce, or should one with existing resources, an short film produced and may, in retrospect, may receive money?

Okay, everything takes too long to answer. Therefore, only this question. It is television and film study. Everything is relatively confused. Download an application for the "production support" down and you read it carefully. As it stands, as the runs and what conditions must be. There are different types of funding, such as script support, Vorproduktionsförderung, production, promotion, post-promotion, marketing, promotion or support for copying film prints. Normally it runs like this: you have a script. Then you plan your movie. Looking for performers, staff, locations, imagine the dramatic staging, etc. Now do you have and calculate what the cost of fun (keyword costing example

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

That sounds very exciting now! ;-)
Is it synonymous with hindsight Funding at a time (eg one year) and get a certain monthly amount get paid? Or again some free training?

This would then of course once a particular project are ...

I think it is easier to justify s.einem a Project artistic skills to recognize, as s.einem script. What one makes of it s.Ende, can totally vary.
I am thinking s.so a kind of application, (see film school in Ludwigsburg), which many self-made films to see.

Many dear greetings

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Blackeagle123" wrote:
(...) Is it synonymous with hindsight Funding at a time (eg one year) and get a certain monthly amount get paid? Or again some free training? (...)

No.. Production funding is only available for individual productions, in a certain specified period with certain conditions (formal Kiterien, financing plan, concept evaluation, costing, sound planning, good script, outstanding artistic idea) would like a film, it may not yet begun to to rotate and everything must be still in the pre-production there. Retroactive is basically never. There is always money for a production and not for periods, because a Produkion includes always synonymous with a period one. FREE Training? So something does not exist. That, unfortunately, something you see too naive. There may be special funding for students, such as Karl-Steinbuch scholarship, but for students I know nothing. Such grants can be paid to you monthly for a living a little "income". But you'll never be big money for you or get merit. Ale Promotions have one thing in common: it is about the film, an artistic performance, not about you.

Remember that you, for example, Ludwigsburg synonymous for a whole year (!) Placements have made them. And while any personal short films, because the do not count. You need to broadcasters and production companies have worked. For Directing 'entrance counts mainly the script. Staging, technical design, post production, everything pretty no preference. Ludwigsburg, Germany does not want a lot of homemade movies. Quantity is not important. It is rather embarrassing themselves with poor shooting amateur to apply. A (!) Film with good story and you're there. I would be with Kranfahrten technical and self-purpose back, because that has nothing to do with Directing. It is not about to impress with technique.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


it sounds very interesting s.and shows me what to watch or should specialize so slow. The one year internship must have done, yet I knew not synonymous. Did I apply for scholarships or s.Filmschulen still not care because I still seemed too early ... (11th grade high school)

I thought that the film schools vorallem want to see that you are already at an early age has begun, for films to be interested.

You speak of the fact that a script is very important. Does this mean that the schools want to see the script, or does it mean, the film schools want the finished film (the result of the script) to see?

Are or were you in a film school or had been for Development projects, because you're so good so familiar? Me would be synonymous to a few interesting experiences of various film schools. (So far I know only a very satisfied "film student from Berlin)

Many greetings

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Hello again,

as sin because the experience with foundations. Be there for shorts rather ¬ 60,000 or more donated ¬ 500?

I assume that the total varies, but an approximate "monetary framework" would be great for one of the first short film productions, for which I need a foundation.
What suggestions can you submit it seriously? Where should you save? ¬ 60,000, but Kamerakran, Dolly, best camera, or ¬ 6,000 and no food s.Set ;-) (only as a very small example, but it's not (only) on the equipment, but the idea arrives)

Many dear greetings and thanks in advance!

Antwort von Jan:

The amount is more towards 50.000-100.000 ¬.

But! Constructed all from what you need, and you come very easily to the sum synonymous with a short film.

Let's take just a 16 or 35 mm film camera and developing & Rent - there are 50000 ¬ nothing.

Then the crew, the rotation usually lasts for several months, it must be paid:

Camera Men
Make Up
Intake pipe

Then filming permit, depending on the site can be really expensive,
Police and firefighters - to shoot with effects (smoke & fire), etc.
Money is the fast way. Catering - the whole crew needs 2-3 meals at each! Get shooting - and not just sausage rolls and bottled water.

A friend of me has 50000 ¬ for a Short Film will receive (Bavaria), in DV (JVC DV 5000) has rotated and s.Ende really draufbezahlt from their own personal assets in order to finish the film.

The money is gone very quickly ....


Antwort von PowerMac:



Antwort von Sebastian Hahn:

Hey Constantin,
I would refer the case approach can be a bit slower. You're only in the 11 and until thou hast thy Abi is still not the time and you need so much synonymous. I've synonymous with his school friend during school together several small film (video) and projects done in our past, we were so megalomaniacal that we almost time for Abi has cost. We then NEN documentary film about our study trip last s.den Garda rotated and wanted to with a little action with scenic disperse, have since then exciting and impressive range Scenes part in the Matrix or Star Wars style parodies built, for which we in the week long holiday have rotated our school (we even had to bribe the caretaker, so we get the key, would know what goes on ...). The post-production for many months has taken, but the worst was that we have in advance of one of the largest cinemas in Kassel have rented for the premiere, though the film was not finished yet! We thought halt, which is already, there is still enough air in it, etc. That was the biggest mistake of my life, because of s.hab I just thought I would never film with what to do. Well, then later, when the film was finished nochmal ne cheap small demonstration, but the first with a lost film in poor quality, over 200 people, was already ne disgrace. We now have both before us for film schools to apply, my buddy is already, but I have yet to make placements. I think film funding you need only if you are from out of film school and right're filmmakers. As already mentioned, the professionalism plays in the application still does not matter. Attempt perhaps you prefer to have some knowledge of literature regarding Regiführen, screenwriting, etc. imbalances, and then as many placements as possible, and try achja a few friends, which share the same hobby to share thee with those smaller projects and incidentally to realize, but not as we are megalomaniac ;-)
It is synonymous not always need a huge budget, a look at times as the movie "Happy End - Every story needs an end to. Volwertiger A 90-minute, for just 7.000 Euro Kasseler of a student and many volunteers were rotated without film funding. You can see the film in any alleged German video rental in the amazon gibts synonymous. And if thou only for yourself and your livelihood Money's probably only need the opportunity to go casual or grandmother to ask ;-)

MfG, Basti.

Antwort von PowerMac:

The "Film School" in Kassel with 0 film professors ...;)

Antwort von Jan:

Yes but if it somehow be professionally, is already expensive.

The ¬ 50,000 of my friend was his film of the conclusion of his study time at the University of Munich, do not ask me what.

Yes harvests at Angel & friends is already much cheaper, if not exactly on film revolves.


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Hi everyone,

thank you for your answers. So I've already Internships several behind me, ZDF, Pro7, Sat1, shooting of "The Fox" in Frankfurt, in 2 weeks at the ZDF (for 14 days). Is really very handy and I can recommend, because there simply looks at what you may wish to specialize or whether such a job as it is fun. (Quite apart of the enormous knowledge that you can get there if you want!)
Currently I have an idea for a script, the images in the head, during the holidays (and sometimes s.Wochenende) time. Shortly before graduation, I will no longer create. Time I would like so much else, as I need and this should be a condition synonymous with the rotary. (Locke work, fun, but a professional result!) Contacts with relatively famous German actors (eg by turning "The Fox") and camera men are, so let's see what the result.

I would not have thought that foundations so much money to give. But I think that film is of a very different film to WHO to submit a script, how well it is planned and especially HOW the story is.
In my story, I now barely remember, a lot more in the planning. But, as already written, I want my time, and although as much as I need. Only when I had a good feeling, s.die Case ranzugehen, I realize it. Furthermore, I understand with a few teachers s.Gymnsium very well and was of 40 candidates selected in the vintage for the new subject "Darstellendes game." There is mostly a hobby shared.

In my film, although neither police nor fire department needed, but Dolly, a Porsche, a lot brighter spotlight for video scenes s.einem beach and travel for 3 days s.der North Sea. Is currently with the whole family support (and yours of course) in the planning and perhaps even in half a year, summer vacations, etc. what outside.

Thank you for your support, I welcome more reports of experience with film schools / foundations, etc.

Many dear greetings

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

What I have just stopped even for short film.

Of course I'm talking about a "movie", but it is planned to digital material and the entire record in the post-production a certain cinematic touch to give. My experience is - and can - do not be a good thing, because I have only experience with DV had made. Film is again a completely different chapter s.das I (still) would not dare ran. Do not just synonymous yes, if dei Cameras and Lenses by good quality out super tech. The same will probably apply for SD (have), because my HD experience is not enough.

Many greetings again

Antwort von PowerMac:

Erfahrungsgemäßg say or think the film foundations Porsche / beach / expensive in combination with a beginning: start small at first but. Expensive filming locations are seen as reluctant. The question is, does your film this? Does it make sense dramatically, or is it just a matter of holding a beach toll is? You do not justify in front of me, but yourself and against the foundations. Because you want their money after all. Remember that commercial synonymous think your short film mag may artistically incredibly demanding and its toll, but no Money On. Given the rather promote a movie with sound analysis approach (TV, movies, DVD), with as many co-producers (SWR, HR, Arte, ORF, grants, universities, etc.) and much editorial influence. The fact brings more money again and the money goes directly back s.Filmschaffende.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

PowerMac Hello,

exactly synonymous relates to my next question. Namely, what with the movie, if he is ready for production?

With a piece of music then you go to a record company. How are you man in the film before? Taking s.Wettbewerben part? If you send the film s.bestimmte broadcasters? Clarifies one with broadcasters before or after work? What comes back as much money REINSTALLMODE?

It would certainly be an idea with Arte, or perhaps even sooner with Kika (documentary about the filming because of the young Directing ;-)) to work together, and to get support. (About ZDF)

Today with the teacher for Darstellendes game, in which years of professional theater experience. With him, I will use the script in about a month after rough and finishing work on the Funding of him running with him to start the project. Until then, it takes a long time yet (if it ever comes, which I very much hope ...)

2. Question: Can I get time to send a script, so I can see what is going on there so all belong. I often write me notes on my "notes" to the just for me as important and Directing the actor is not interested. How exactly should be the subtext in the script be explained by certain facial expressions / gestures expressed to be exactly how you should mime / gestures explained?
But it is certainly of value, a detailed book relating to screenwriting and to read a finished script of a short film to read. I hope you can both (other) recommendations.

Many dear greetings

Antwort von PowerMac:

Purchase this book to you: "Before turning to the Book - a guide for the cinematic storytelling, Michael Schneider, Gerlingen 2001.
Then you read all the sub-points here by:

Recommendable is synonymous to this literature Exposé / script / Treatment:

Here you have about 80 (Original-) Drehbücher famous / good movies:

I like to help you, but the next step is you! Read everything you get on this subject can analyisere movies, every day, write a short story, research into production requirements, call with professionals. Invest Money! Books cost money, but you learn a lot. And see many movies, you buy the magazines "cameraman", (synonymous older issues!), Read all the interviews, etc. Then you know how movies (apart from the rotation) has come.
Your teacher likes nice theater, but theater and film differ m. M. after strong. Gestures and facial expressions (directions) are not really in the script. Often, they are helpful and even necessary. Actually, however, are the inventions and scenic part of the staging of the director. Say the director reads a script and more general setting and placed his story in the world. His idea of location, actors, performances are being implemented. Just as he imagines it, not necessarily as it is presented by the scriptwriter. This makes the director!

(D) A film needs a concept analysis. This can be an evaluation of his TV (Arte may be the film in autumn 2007 show the WDR in January and the summer before he runs synonymous in selected cinemas, for example, and you get a TV broadcasting 50,000 euros), Movies, DVD revenue, Festival attendance, merchandising, etc. you need to clarify the pre-production. As you can with the film want to make money (= evaluation concept) must first be clear. You have editors (RTL, Pro7, all public service) to producers (= donors, investing) and find deals. Without such a Auswertungskonept you'll never get funding. The synonymous want to see how the movie then you are financially "auswürgst". Since money must come from rum. Just like you can do to make your movie for example, in the ZDF runs, how you s.erfolgreiche donors, sponsors and producers come, that's your thing. But you just have to be the ass tearing (sometimes literally).

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