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Filmidee??? benötige Ratschläge für Einsteiger

Film Idea?? need advice for beginners

Frage von Der mit dem Hai tanzt:
Februar 2006


I now have now have a camcorder that I want but do not always use only on holidays, or of any interesting events, and much in the direction I have the camcorder now synonymous not even used yet, so then what little experience synonymous Recording and editing terms.

Good examples of film ideas have come here enough available, but only partially implemented for Beginners like me. Synonymous So I see that I was here in my hand, but synonymous with whom I intended to work something creative, maybe not the same now is not so demanding, but what may yet be.

What a film idea do you think now more appropriate in order to have a little success can go to? I do not want the same page, otherwise motivation is announced, will be better in small steps forward. So I guess I just do not stick our heads in the sand and yet come to any result.

How shall I start times? What should I do for a video, but rather something funny, what serious, news report, a report, my hobby, a Selbstporträit? Because I have so few ideas, but would like to start with the one that takes away not just s.weitermachen the air.

I guess 2-3 min certainly is good, right? But that may indeed develop into a murder synonymous effort. I do not like to stop sitting for hours s.PC.

As for the people here have begun with projects, whose videos are just brilliant, but then, when they cut from the shooting and still had no idea? I would be interested it!

Or is that a silly question of me?
Thank you
liebe Grüsse

Antwort von Peter S.:

Help! I have a car, where should I go? (Sarkasmusmodus off)
Movies that what you just come for the Lens: My first recordings were a walk around the house and a boating party on the Neckar River.
MFG Peter

Antwort von Der mit dem Hai tanzt:

Hello Peter,

I had to learn to drive synonymous erstmal;).

Would like to see already that my question is a little more seriously. Thank you.

The dancing with the shark

Antwort von PowerMac:

Your question will be taken seriously.
So came the very educational response with the car.

Think about it. It's not about sarcasm. But about what you should do if you have something. What does it mean when someone tells you, do that so and so? Nothing. Get out and do something. If it does not work in 1000 times, you're uncreative.
Normally, you yourself are developing ideas with whom one has a camera.
It is supposed to be synonymous your movie.

Antwort von Lawrence:

"(...) A Selbstporträit?"
In your post already puts a lot of response. But in order to begin!
Or think of you, be made about which little 'Events' in the near future. Abiball, the last day of school, ne tape small circle of friends, your garden. You can do many things. In the microcosm sets the world ^ ^

Antwort von Ephraim:

"What do you think a movie idea now as particularly appropriate to have a little success can go to?"
The question is somewhat like this: "I want to be famous, what should I do?"
Film begins long before the first meter exposed film. In the beginning was the idea. From this we answer the question of how I will change the way that someone who sits in front of tube or screen, can handle. What comes of it may be called a script or something.

It is of course synonymous different:
1. Take a camera and go into the world. What seems interesting is absorbed. Over time, concentrated work, and will not allow himself to suppress an emerging idea, it takes no longer random, but follows an "internal approach". We usually get but may need more material than you. The art then lies in the cut, which will be a memory, because, since no script is available, one must have the Einstellngen of the head and each search together. Sort of like a puzzle, but just something like that, because that was already assembled and only gemeinerweise once again destroyed.
Good is when one has found a music that conforms to the theme and can be cut to the (rhythm and / or melody).

2. It is so brilliant that the recordings in some way to each other and cut leaves the audience amazed to find out what the artist wanted to say that. The method already knew the old Goethe: "We believe the man, if he only words here (movies) hears that there should be leaving but synonymous what you think." (Mephisto in Faust, Part I)

3. We look for partners, knowing that film is a synthetic art, and brooding, and realize the ideas together. At the Berlinale, however, a film was shown, which had been rotated and the author alone, afraid of having to look at him synonymous alone. This will be accomplished s.leichtesten.
The poet Rainer Kirsch once put it: "A hidden in a cave painting is art only as a possibility, but in reality only a piece of canvas with oil paint mechanical wear."
We must therefore s.and to the public. The desire is legitimate, but requires a certain responsibility that can not be broadcasted while, but probably feel at home.
So may perhaps - after a long, painstaking work - created the first minutes of a small film.

4. They let go of his own outpourings on the relationship, but remember that human experiments are punishable.

If I have you now taken the courage or the desire, then seis drum, you can dance very enjoyable synonymous with the shark. But if you perform the dance in the water, you'd have a subject!

Antwort von Ephraim:

Would not that be something?

Antwort von nyc:


Lawrence has already given you some concrete ideas. In addition a further idea of me. Since it is precisely s.Anfang "no plan" has, or as I call it a central theme and as Beginners, sitting before a blank sheet of riff no script, I suggest you go to a local sporting event and make it a feature. In sowas there is no stress with rotation permits, etc. And you can shoot in peace without the bustle of a major event.

Learn the process of facing even when shooting in the spirit of how it will look like later in the finished film. Pay attention to the noises around you (tag "atmosphere"). When cutting, you will be surprised what kind of a "crash" was all around, your brain has hidden throughout the car. Pay attention to small details s.Rande most humorous event that can be used well to loosen up. Build a interview to even lose the fear of a thing. Movies sufficient material (!), So that you can generously cut.

And if possible use a tripod and zoom in and swing it wildly and not her, I know from bitter personal experience, what I mean ;-).

When cutting, you should develop a sense of when the audience is bored. You seem to you to be aware of the danger, since you even 2-3 minutes duration film suggesting ...

A lot of fun doing it, it turns with the time of exercise & a synonymous of success!

Antwort von Axel:

First time my consent outposts Ephraim (Hammer!) And Chris.

"Dances with the shark" wrote:
Because I have so few ideas, but would like to start with the one that takes away not just s.weitermachen the air.

Take one of the ideas they write down, try to shape it like a good joke in history, with a small increase and punch line. Always thinking: Is not this better?
Subsequently, the implementation plan. Go here not compromise:

Find the best performers (VHS group, etc?), Practice with them.

Search the exact location that you envisioned. Change it by Umdekoration, props, lighting and filter. Make a few tests before the actual rotation.

Determine exactly the dress that will carry your performers heuere one (at n) Hobby-Visagistin/en to optimize the look of your characters.

Good camera work with all that entails. No details, which is what this forum.

Let's catch the sound with a good micro.

Pick any tape / a musician, a gifted Cubase or Logic, and let music - if you want to compose - especially. An illustrated music video has always an easy instant aftertaste.

"Dances with the shark" wrote:
I guess 2-3 min certainly is good, right? But that may indeed develop into a murder synonymous effort. I do not like to stop sitting for hours s.PC.

I did. But just to relax in and cut. Attempts at this, your film (almost) only with hard cuts to be used as effects and color correction of postpro most about. Reinzustopfen The technical feasibility, one million in the Effects postpro has ruined in recent years, many Hollywood films, and of course even more amateur movies. During a 3-minute film of my heart, I love to sit many nights in front of the calculator and move clips, if the starting material is already convincing. The assassination effort is the effort, however, synonymous of fun, at Rotate.

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