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Frage von ullaw:

I have a great Holiday movie premiere with 6.5 cut, lasts about 50 minutes.
The recording settings: Compressor: Microsoft DV (PAL) Time Code: 25fps, Depth: Millions, quality 100%, pixel aspect ratio D1 / DV PAL (1.067)
Export: to tape output works flawlessly, super quality. Now I want to like the film but cut directly from the Export window, then on to DVD to burn. Export: Film produces an AVI movie with about 12 GB!
With export: MPEG encoder, I have a variety of ways with a small work area tested (Various basic settings such as PAL DVD, PAL, MPEG-2, various video settings, such as 25 fps, 24 fps, Bitübertragunsrate 6000, 9000 etc.). Always the result is more or less jerky. Can someone help me?


Antwort von Erich:

Possibly the Halbbildeinstellungen check.: Lower field first.

Test DVD (rewritable DVD). Perhaps, this problem occurs only when playing on s.PC.


Antwort von go4java:

Hi Erich,
Thank you for your quick help. In the Adobe MPEG encoder was in the opening image "bottom field first" is already enabled.
Did a short test piece of 2 x DVD burned on 1st AVI movie, 2nd on MPEG exported movie (default: PAL DVD, Bitübertragungsrate 8000/sec. and 25 fps - there are maybe even better export settings?). Indeed, the result at first glance almost identical!
Why jerky on the PC of the MPEG movie to AVI movie but not?
Thanks again!
Greeting Ulla


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