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Frage von B.DeKid:

I was excited and really positive surprise of this film.

It is paired with a comedy of a love story.
The artistic aspect is not too short.

It exaggerates while partly with the very Freez Time Effect which is not disturbed by the story and the pictures shown.

The English English is to be understood very fluid and easy.
The characters are all very well thought out and very harmoniously matched to each other. They are not covered or placed.

I have the DVD version of there had seen in 2006, but apparently it synonymous a 2004 short film version of the lots has won Prices (which I was not surprised)

The camera and light guide setting and any other aspects of craftsmanship are very good.

So want to see any of the times really a good film should get this film he makes really fun to behold and really serves any expectations s.einen successful film.

B. DeKid

Edit: The Short Film on YouTube (the shown scenes are the same with the DVD 2006, he

Part 1

Part 2


Antwort von mannamanna:

Wow - look great! Thanks for the tip!


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