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Frage von wopalast:

I am looking for any program to capture, cut, insert transitions, or burn dvd's that can everything magix, ulead and other competitors.

I want a program with which you Quallität improve the read-in or videos can refresh. synonymous here I would like a good packet filter, like you know it bildbearbeitung of programs. eg sunset, remove blue sky, red eyes, etc. ..

I would like after the capture of the videos, only this time - we call them times: to change the view and then again with intercutting magix etc., clay underneath and burn dvd.

The ergebniss ( and projector) and the operation is decisive, and not vorranging the price of the software. I can not imagine that a komplettpaket ala magix here is synonymous of Quallität-burner ;-)

Perhaps someone here has a solution for me or even better than nothing magix video deluxe ;-)

Thank schonmal


Antwort von Gast:

Adobe After Effects, Discreet Combustion, Hollywood, Adorage, Boris ...
The list is long, and with the help of Google can still be extended almost indefinitely. A part of these Programs findust covered here in this board when you start the image a little scroll down.


Antwort von wopalast:

"Guest" wrote: The list is long, and with the help of Google can still be extended almost indefinitely.

A part of these Programs findust covered here in this board when you start the image a little scroll down.

that is exactly my problem - and everyone says something different. I want to stop the compromise between easy to use (filter over it and done) and the best Quallität. thou hast nen practical tip ...?

And all clear: I scroll time ;-)

THANK YOU for the time being


Antwort von Stefan:

In the video world is still (?) Somewhat differently than in the clipper world. In the video world, there is, as mentioned, powerful tools with which one can make all sorts of edits.

However, I have not seen any video tools to explicitly remove a workflow just for "sunset, blue sky, red eye, etc." who, although they can certainly be used for that.

Why? The need is not there when the video or the gap in the market has not been recognized of the manufacturers?

I tend rather to a lack of demand. We can make available with this type of editing tools, Universal, yes. Where the "series of paintings" of course is more demanding than the frame. Assistance as it actually is, you get usin forums or tutorials.

But it may well be that this will change in the direction of the market gap. 1-2 years ago the Easy mode button was s.einer video camera or a video editing program car unthinkable. 2-3 years ago, the Easy Mode Effects came into image processing programs. Who knows what the next video program can ...

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von wopalast:

"Stefan" wrote: ... I tend rather to a lack of demand ...

The fat Stefan

funnily enough the need for an "effect" named old video across markets appears to be desired, because the there is indeed ... ;-)

I can not imagine synonymous, that a few thousand user had to beg for these effects in image processing software. It was at once here - today's will miss None more. The company acting as a bit of vacant following the motto:
None knows what - is missing synonymous None. mer let's just go away ...
... Shame really ...

In forums where you stopped running:
I krieg nen strobing out ...?
the sky is not blue enough ...!
the red of the sunset was in the original much better ...!
It was dark - the picture is totally and sometimes indistinguishable milky ...
etc. ..

I would only ask this as a vendor even as needs be understood by simple filtering. I think it would be for many an unbelievable Facilitation:
filter over it - then re-adjust manuel - done.

Once again ... shame really ...


Antwort von Stefan:

As written, this is only my impression. The vote does not have to. How do I know what goes on in the brain of the Manufacturer ...

Questions s.laufenden tape after effects / filters / processing functions, the way you want ... I have not known.

Honestly, today I first read of of the search for a Himmelsverbläuer for postproduction. I could stop thinking during the shoot, if a polarizer, or what brings me right s.The Color correction by the editing program set.

If you had asked just after the "Old Film", one could enumerate a plank of programs or manufacturers.

But if the demand for these Mach-me-happy-effects is so large, these things are synonymous.

There are indeed quite yet more examples of successful "market pressure": "film look-Effect", "Matrix Text Effect" or "subtitling for DVDs' ... And all the plugin do live forging of something.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von Markus:

"Stefan" wrote: I could stop thinking during the shoot, ...
I can not tell me to resist: I think that is exactly the right approach! Then I need me in the postpro namely, not to worry about such questions. Especially since you do not every error "just so" may resolve once again, is not synonymous with expensive software. ;-)

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Antwort von gnoi:

"Stefan" wrote: ... or me at s.The Color correction set by the editing program ...

And that is exactly MY approach ;-)

I'll come stop filter "still bilderwelt" from the rigid and there are simple and with one-click-tools "are now matters possible, even bring myself constantly amazed at. And just amazed that I lack a little film in the world.

nevertheless heartfelt thanks for your contributions - they have saved me a lot of search work that is - and I trust you now, just thoughtful and conclude the s.with:
What I seek, so there's still no

wopalast grüsse ;-) (-;


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