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Film als Facharbeit - Optimaler Camcorder?

Film as a Skilled - Optimal camcorder?

Frage von Amelie:
Juni 2008

Hi dear unknown, but that forum members ...

I need really urgent Kaufberatung and am very very happy about this forum gestolpert to be. Now I have a little rumgestöbert and sought synonymous, but I never concluded. Especially because I have so many questions and I do not know if everything is current, what I have read.

My Cam should (if possible) include:
- Much Space
- At least 10x opt. Zoom
- Wide angle lens (or at least the possibility of a aufzuschrauben)
- Good sound recording
- Sharp images with high performances Resolutionfür Beamer
- High flexibility in changing light conditions
- Fast data processing
- Good Battery

The price should be between 400 - to 700, - Euro move.

Is the JVC Everio HD Camcorder GZ-HD3
or the Sony High Definition Camcorder HDR-SR10
or the Panasonic HDC-HS9 is a good choice?

I've really no idea! That is so bad, because I have no overview and I can not simply scrap irgendnen wants to buy. I think these are all hard-camcorder. Is this recommended? I'm confused ...

Thank you in advance and best regards!

Antwort von Daigoro:

"Amelie" wrote:
because I have no overview

The goal of a skilled work was to earlier times, structured, independence, "scientific" work to learn.
As is the way how to achieve what (the oral "defense" of the work was still with us and give input and went to a good part in the final) as important as the end result.

Could you maybe so again at this point rephrase - as it now stands there can be practically qualified garnix except to say "jo".

(and if you believe you with his "practical issue" - so there is one - which simply chosen to have thought wrong - twice to ten times the work for the same final score, P)

Antwort von Amelie:

Hello There ...

Is still the same goal. Would you say that I just want to make? Make my expertise in art, so did a lot of freedom. Until now my "scientific" work is the appropriation of any technical desperate note that I never get through when I ask nciht. Besides I already have the parts of the script and storyboards. By reading some books about the letter and I was already a lot of time. I thought, that does not s.Anschaffen camera fails. What should I write for, so that is justified and what you need to know next to me to be able to help?

Antwort von Daigoro:

That you have a film (or rather "a movie" - a movie on film to film seems a bit expensive and cumbersome to be) want to turn, stood sometimes not. : D

So a few of your requirements are not so easy to understand.

After the second contribution seems as if you 'staged' (script & storyboard) want to turn?
Or rather a documentary?
Or Docutainment?

With the Camera's alone will not be done. You need light. Lots of light.
For as much documentation as possible, for dramatically s.besten 2 trucks full.
Changing Lichtverhaeltnisse you want not! This makes the post to hell and the final product looks like zusammengefrickelt.

Not everyone is high-resolution projector and not any 'high' Camera is a car well (the JVC is comparatively Schrottig).

Why must it necessarily be ne harddisks Camera?
This restricts the choice (unnecessarily), and is relative to other storage medium seen expensive and brings in the total Aufnahmelaenge advantages, but if the disk is full, hangs s.Computer the part and not filmed. Tapes and SD cards can easily switch and camcorder with DV - Out (Firewire) can s.den Computer / Laptop and connect directly to the (much larger) disk.

Perhaps enough synonymous script / storyboard as skilled?
Or you're looking for your partner?
The shooting and post production (finishing - cut - composition) can devour weeks.

Antwort von Amelie:

Yes exactly! I would like a staged video to make. No documentary film. Please do not take me amiss, that I am not familiar. There must be no hard drive camcorder. Only something with a lot of space and something that is easily transferred to a PC can. With good batteries. Well, in any case it should not zuu unprofessional look. That means I need light? How much? What belongs to the basic equipment and how much money do I need in addition for books? Can you give me now with the help Cam? Incidentally, I thought not, I do not work. With the "practical" work. There should be a challenge for me. And that is synonymous: P
Sure would be a long Soryboard synonymous. Somehow. But then if I want everything or nothing. And I really want to make. No matter how much time it takes ..

Antwort von Daigoro:

Read times:
http://forum.slashcam.de/powermac-lasst-die-hosen-runter-drehstab-gesucht-fur-drama-1941-vt56076.html?highlight=hosen + Down

Is linked with the articles and so perhaps get a glimpse of how much work it is.

Theatrical film: HV 30 (but is about 800 - without all).
Solo for "25p" (ie full) and "Cinegamma" (which is still not film, but it is rudimentary in direction).

If you have a laptop or portable computer searched:

Batteries you can probably forget - especially the included are mostly small (<2 hours sometimes even less), always need electricity.

Worth reading and understand how I think:

Very many subjects.

Sound perhaps completely extra:

Then a few more hints to the actual film (look as synonymous Kamerafuehrung etc) - sounds simple, but will gladly done wrong:


Antwort von r.p.television:

I want you reluctant to finish the project or the courage to take you, but:

Korrigier me if I am wrong:
You have apparently no experience of dealing with the camcorder, so no idea of setting and subject to the usual basic knowledge of contexts, such as aperture and focal and Schärfenuntiefe or usable aperture range, shutter speeds, light, temperature and white balance and so and so next next.
Then the lighting ....
You need not necessarily - as here-in - a truck with a train s.Scheinwerfern, but even a suitable Lichtset already cost more than the cost of your targeted for the camcorder.
Baustrahler you can take. You need more time but again experience and especially how to turn such a light (eg with. diffuser film, etc.) is a useful time.

And it is at a stage production of the technical nor the least ....

The entire logistics, such as merging of all participants is a challenge. Only after several attempts learn directing you to include the right actor. Here is the saying: you learn from mistakes.
A skilled work here is certainly inadequate as an experience gain.

Find yourself a professional or experienced Amateuer the-spot advice and craftsmanship synonymous Page stands for, otherwise I see there - nothing for ungut - unfortunately, black.

Antwort von Amelie:

I know that this is not so easy. Hey! Fortunately, I've ne ... immense amount of idealism Would my other friend the same camera? You seem very pleased to be ... has a micro input? Because n Microphone I namely. Thank you for di elinks. Hardly credible that my film is a huge thing. Rather, about 15 minutes. Although I have an awful lot of story. I was on this movie-college site. CIH find the synonymous fairly interesting. SBER no preference. Do you know whether one of the Cam synonymous normal SLR camera lenses of Canon can use? Because since I've synonymous and Lenses and Filters. It would certainly be handy.

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

"Amelie" wrote:

Sure would be a long Soryboard synonymous. Somehow.

because you have already a script? I once thought, great, simple story, who needs a script. Full geschnauzt on the fly. If no script, at least an interesting story?
How long could the film be? Eyes, Stopwatch s.and each scene carefully erstmal alone in the room through. For me it was the first dramatic short film is a horror. More than 5 minutes were absolutely not his, and I got there not even one quarter of the under, which I believed it was important.
A storyboard is only useful if you want to explain something a third party or you do not own films (see the pros certainly different).
Light: for scenic work, it is very, very difficult without sufficient light. Even s.sonnigen days here and there to lighten them, not to speak of "night shots". But again the question: what you turn? For a cinematic tidbits like "SAW 4", you need vast amounts of light, for Rosadingsbums Pilcher in the eternal sunshine kommst Du perhaps with a brightening from.
So tell perhaps quite simply, yes None here wants to steal ne idea what your film acting and above all, where to play.
Then more!

Antwort von Amelie:

srp television:

Thanks for the advice. I could certainly learn. 've Still 8 months until delivery time. So luckily my script looks fairly few dialogues and theatrical achievements of my actors before. Eg games anyway with the thought of everything spoken to synchronize. How badly dubbed French Shooting;) I know that I have somehow nobody trusted. But a bit, I already know so that, with focal and blendneöffnung and so. So stop by the photography. And of the school. I will still pass through, because I need the pressure to perform. If I were so quiet before me to experiment, I will not be ready. I know me, yes. And I'm not soooo bad. Honest. I would just like to ask s.and can. And I just thought the Internet was das Who can I ask for? So you can s.wen-spot-wendne? People from the local television? They want money but certainly ... Unfortunately, I know with anyone who knows something ...

Antwort von Daigoro:

8 months could become scarce.

With us there's NEN open channel, which offers training and equipment awards. If it's something where you are and where you are 'secondary' could be because you could turn for help (although most of what is sent somehow .. hmm .. not so good across).

Otherwise, with college media courses.

And your own motivation and a very big plus to be contagious - alone can not do that (or is it? Perhaps a one-person film? All yourself? With a lot of effort .. zb http://www.odoo.tv/ - the Lord has here some time ago posted and makes claims to own everything! - that's my opinion looks quite good and dynamically) and the volunteers are under the initial enthusiasm gone sooo fast, which is believed garnicht.

This question is synonymous - are enough people with experience - you should only have very specific questions, otherwise runs in the Sand's infinite possibilities.

Antwort von Amelie:

s.Andreas_ Kiel

Yes I already have a script. It is-clear-ums adulthood. Well, or not grow up. Because all four main characters must die. So in our area there were about half a year of his suicide series. Triggered by a suicide in affect. Since then, many young people have gone behind. Often in real strange Gründen.Auf any case, nobody is grown up. I have a history of it done. I would say 15 minutes.
Langt that?
Do you have experience with lighting equipment?
If yes, what would you recommend for boarding?
I already need a storyboard for myself. Thus I have an overview of how many scenes and so I have my actors know exactly what is going on. I can aussserdem possible camera settings and trips like this can make a note.

Antwort von Amelie:

"Daigoro" wrote:

With us there's NEN open channel, which offers training and equipment awards. If it's something where you are and where you are 'secondary' could be because you could turn for help (although most of what is sent somehow .. hmm .. not so good across).

what is an open channel?
My Volkshochschule you? So here's universities do not need. And, unfortunately, synonymous VHS s.unserer no media courses: P

ICH BIN MOTIVATES! I can not do otherwise;)

Dankeschönfür the help! So will I try to rauszusuchen Cam. So you recommend the Canon? (I must be with the lenses somehow rausbekommen)

Antwort von Daigoro:

"Amelie" wrote:

what is an open channel?

A regional television station in which (unfortunately?) Can all participate.

"Amelie" wrote:

Dankeschönfür the help! So will I try to rauszusuchen Cam. So you recommend the Canon? (I must be with the lenses somehow rausbekommen)

If you are with the lighting good work and labor in the post-plug is the camera - as long as they are not too grottig and is a bit of manual intervention possibilities, rather secondary.

Also nice example: http://www.harder-life-pictures.de/
Rotated with its NV-GS 280 (ebay - 200-300 euro)

Jan says SonyHDR HC-5 (HDV), there's the 'greed is Geil' market <500 euros - if your budget is limited, if that were not alternative, although not taking progressive pictures.
Otherwise - look at the friendship and kinship to - any forgotten, rich uncle with a maximum of purchase 2x Proll used "professional" camera, everyone has: P.

(seriously, if you know someone who owns the Videoausruestung should be dedicated for a school project .. can borrow the books would remain the cheapest option - and if you then first experience, you can even buy s.die qualified rang address)

Antwort von Amelie:

ich kenn halt echt anyone. Neither the uncle nor sonstwer. So the echt mal falls away. This camcorder at Saturn, there are the really there? Find nothing. : P

Antwort von Daigoro:

"Amelie" wrote:
ich kenn halt echt anyone. Neither the uncle nor sonstwer. So the echt mal falls away.

"Questions will cost nothing" - as opposed to a camcorder of your overall budget auffrisst.

"Amelie" wrote:
This camcorder at Saturn, there are the really there? Find nothing. : P

As I said, the Jan, the claims, not me. : P
I have not seen for synonymous se - neither in the prospectus or on the homepage - I would otherwise have had because of the longer a given.

SonyHC 5 In the network for nearly 600th
Canon HV30 approximately 800 (+ cash back?).

Or e-Bay, when it's otherwise nothing in the corner there - s.and to because there's real bargains (but synonymous cucumbers and many many "too lazy to compare" prices - tend to have better things of individuals with good verkaeuferbewertungen - with most exact description and many original photos).

Antwort von Amelie:

Daigoro hey ...
where did you di eSony for 600 seen on the Internet?

Antwort von Daigoro:

"Amelie" wrote:
Daigoro hey ...
where did you di eSony for 600 seen on the Internet?

The better question is * when * - namely last week - because there's multiple offers between 550 and 600 .. and now I look back to the cucumber, there's not under 700, sometimes even 750th
I think I spinne - was it once again with the Sun never - may well be that now has become scarce, but they better not do that. For the money, there's been synonymous ne HV30.

And if the fact of 499, - at Saturn appears isse guaranteed in its half-hour sell off and immersed for 699, - for on Ebay.

Where we grad frustration at my HD (so a marketing ....) Sch .. look what the projector on which the film vorfürhen you want, even how you pack and the film at all because it can get.
The older and cheaper to create Beamer grad mal 800x600 'SVGA' .. This need not synonymous HD Camera and save lots of money on camera (because it's synonymous würd ne Panasonic 230 ~ 350 Euros or 330 ~ 450 Euros do - or not used 120,140,180,280,300,400) and makeup for the performers. Standard resolution is so gracious to tainted skin and not 100% fully styled scenes.
And if you do not have to like this DVD, isses eh taster, because the only have PAL.

The money you can go back in better sound NEN stuck.
Gab's times NEN nice tip somewhere on the network synonymous with 'amateur recordings everything nachzuvertonen - Cast-O hear the sound through Headphones and preferably talking clock exactly the same again on a higher zb Micro to the PC or the extra recording device, which is linked up there.

Antwort von Amelie:

Yeah, I first thought of me, with me at the nachverton.Da eh not much talking: P en. Thanks for the tip again. I can be friends but who are not synonymous, if cam-good recording equipment. Watch videos of non-HD cameras are not always from unprofessional? How much leeway because I, like so much, I can play around? And Firewire port - no extra cost? Did not s.PC. And MiniDV - Is the transfer time is not the same as the movie times? Would I make a credible Panasonic 330 buy, if you say, I will nciht disappointed.

Antwort von Axel:

"Amelie" wrote:
Watch videos of non-HD cameras are not always from unprofessional?
Nonsense. The same set, with the same lighting (if they bother you at all makes, where the camera supposedly "bright" is), provides in HD just as modest as in SD, the difference is a little more brilliance (if anything can shine).
And the Nachvertonen? Been there, done this. Requires a lot of damn patience - synonymous of the players - and care. We wish while you busy, a little more effort in the recording DIALOGUES invested (eg, sound with an indicative micro fish when nothing else is synonymous with an external device). The rest you can safely nachsynchronisieren.

Antwort von Daigoro:

"Axel" wrote:
"Amelie" wrote:
Watch videos of non-HD cameras are not always from unprofessional?
Nonsense. The same set, with the same lighting (if they bother you at all makes, where the camera supposedly "bright" is), provides in HD just as modest as in SD, the difference is a little more brilliance (if anything can shine).

At least in the price range.

"HD" it's not an acronym for "Digital Hollywood" and the "high" is only for "high" and no auto for "Premium", synonymous if the advertising is like different.

On thee the higher optical Resolutionauch what brings depends as synonymous words of your output device. If the projector nix can bring synonymous hard hergerechneten, then wegkomprimierten and again runterskalierten more pixels rather little.

And if you're of the images are thrilled or disappointed depends rather depends on how much work you do in the preparation and post-connect, as number of pixels.

Believe me, if the money's worth, I would have been long synonymous ne HD Camera.

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