Infoseite // Film contract??

Frage von Cerebral:

Hello together

As a Swiss, I am recently on the home page


Antwort von Markus:


I think it's good that you will inform you in advance and not only when it's already too late and the recordings were vergeigt.

This one of my obligatory links:
I got married recently, and let me shoot the wedding of an alleged cameraman

It seems to me the team of the website you mentioned a little bit to be very young. This does not initially sound negative, regarding the skill, but how it looks with the Can? The guys are old enough to shoot under youth employment until late into the night at a wedding?

In any case, I would advise you: Leave you a demo video of such an event, send and then decide whether you are the quality (picture, sound and drama!) Well if you like and find the relevant style. - To hold an event can not be repeated so, only failed because the cameraman. ;-)


Antwort von Wildlifer:

Hello Cerebral

"As a Bernese ..." ;-) I am positively surprised of the film team.
You have disappointed me in a film contract keinenwegs.
The results and the quality was very convincing in spite of the low bid.
Air thoughts: Recommended!



Antwort von Cerebral:

Thank you Markus
Thank you Thom

I have this evening with the "CEO" is set in combination, and asked for a demo video.
They will send me a demo video and then I'm curious about ...
In any case, the conversation was schonmal not make a bad impression.

Thank you


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