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Film direkt auf Festplatte

Film directly on hard drive

Frage von speedy658:
August 2008

Hello, have a brief understanding question.
Have a week since the HDD Cam.
Can I direct films of the Cam on the hard drive and then save it.
So as he is, without any encoding.
The cam is in mpeg2 so on, with what file extension would this film be stored?
Or do I have the movie on a software only encoding and then save it?
In what file extension is then saved when the movie is encoded.
I do not look all the way through.
In the forum someone has written that the Cam in mpeg2 recording and a DVD afterwards synonymous mpeg2 but is specially encoded.
I hope someone can do me a plausible explanation.
Schon mal danke.

Antwort von speedy658:

Hab noch was forgotten.
When I watch directly on the hard drive can I save mod files. For each scene we shot file is created.

Antwort von jazzy_d:

Have a week since the HDD Cam.
Cam What exactly?

Can I direct films of the Cam on the hard drive ...
hard drive in the Cam or the PC?

The cam is in mpeg2 so on ....
mpeg2 can be much (HDV, DVD, etc. FullHD)

a DVD after synonymous mpeg2 ....
DVD is mpeg2 in special Datenstrucktur (VIDEO_TS with vob and ifo etc.)

Without accurate information you can not plausibly explain.

Antwort von Jan:

Hello --

PAL HDD synonymous many devices and flash memory cameras of Canon, JVC, Panasonic is a MOD (non-MOV) files - the closely related with the MPG are pure.

Sometimes, even a MOD to MPG Umbenennungvon so many of the programs can detect it - but the last step should be. It could destroy some structures. From the program is to convert better.

So, Camera connected via USB, and work via open - then the Haupfilmdateien the MOD files. Are the data via USB with the included original program dubbed, the software is equal to pure MPG.

Can you easily test - Camera connect via USB, and open the folder - or in the manual to read. They are synonymous, the ancillary data files of the video explains.


Antwort von Jan:

MOD speaks for a flash memory camcorder with HDD & 576i PAL quality.

HD Files of HDD equipment are MTS or M2TS at JVC, the MPEG 2 HD movies the "TOD" suffix.


Antwort von speedy658:

So first on my cam.
Is ne normal digital Panasonic SDR-H280.
I specially chosen because I have no HD hardware synonymous and have an older PC. In the forum here have all encouraged me. My concern was simply a movie on a DVD to bring. This is just so s.Rande.
By movie on hard drive, I meant the recorded movie on a PC. Sun, Cam s.meiner have three choices when I connect the USB cable. 1. Copy DVD, 2nd PC Connection, 3 Pict-Bridge. 1. and 2 is the same. At least two passes in the same. The 3rd I have not tried. In the manual is not much describes this. Only that if you where the software was copy DVD should press and then just a DVD can be created. Well this software useful, I can not, because to me they seemed not to fit. I am therefore aheb film distiller 6.0 Ulead decided. So next, I now see the folder of the Cam in my Explorer. Now comes my question synonymous. There are several folders with prog1, 2, 3, ... what different film days. These are the individual scenes. Mod files and MOI files and a CIP File. Shall I now these files on my PC hard drive to store or do I have this now with Ulead to convert and then save it. I want both a DVD and while the movie file synonymous to the security on my PC hard drive to save. How do you here? What are the new files do I need to create? I hope you can follow me. How do you propose? Ganz großes Danke.

Antwort von speedy658:

Hab mal wieder forget something. If I have the file on Ulead movie I have to restore the distillery after several opportunities to do what I want. 1. On DVD (so I created a DVD). 2. A DVD folder (this folder is then to save the movie on the PC hard drive for? Here is then a folder with VOB files). 3. Disk image (which is an iso-file?).

Antwort von Jan:

What this program can Ulead and which way it goes - that we should ask the user to work with Ulead programs. So an extra thread at the Ulead forum would not be bad. I have less the great software idea when then with Magix, Sony Vegas or APP.

Yes, with the included software, there is a quick DVD burning capabilities, but a simple cut synonymous + Effect software. Since you do not fit the SE - is this anyway but no preference.

MOD are the main movie files - you can see it already s.der Size. MOI files and CIP should be briefly explained in the manual that I did not exactly in the head, because some firms have different endings dransetzen. MOI should help the system files of the MOD Hauptvideofile - is but the Manual Assessment.

In general, the main import file into the program - so your MOD file. In VRO files, it is different depending on the program, because important data in addition to the IFO & BUP file (one of the two would have so-called - unfortunately just out of the head) are available - the program at an assignment to help.

I hand over the baton so s.die SW freaks here in this forum - so Ulead Programs in dealing with MOD files MPEG 2nd


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