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Frage von FunFox:

Hello s.alle film freaks
when I switched to Linux recently, I had not thought that it would be so difficult for a newbie infos about film to get cut. Even as we ask the films of the FX1 in HDV format in Cinelerra captured for me is not synonymous to answer a lot Googlei to have been. Information is mau and scattered in the vast infinite of the Internet. From this base I setup a forum about film editing with Linux and hope it will arrive at night for weeks synonymous ahnung of the people, the more materia you have and are willing to share our knowhow with newbies too.
I hope to receive a lot beteidigung.

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At the forum host:
I know that it is not always so happy when seen in other forums will be advertised. But I think that the theme movie editing on Linux can be dealt with here is inevitably very badly and would love it if the link is seen as enrichment for the Linux community and not as undesirable konkurenz.

With best regards


Antwort von StefanS:

no problem

we have already already 35 sub-forums.

If then still the points 36 - 70 with the same division, only for Linux, would, it would certainly promote the clarity or next.



Antwort von prem:

buy yourself Windows


Antwort von hannes:

> Buy yourself Windows

can not be the long-term solution.

When I look at the rise of power claim BillyBoy, I get sick. I guess under the regimentation of Windows, Linux more and more relating to.

Bon dia from the Gulf of Roses


Antwort von jomiho:

With Linux you have to stop to be aware that it has a non-commercial background. Any company that brings Programs in commercial activity intention to market, seeking, of course the main market and that is stop Windows. Apart from a few exceptions such as Maya. Several other commercial activity flopped applications on Linux.
So Linux users are instructed to stop what zusammenprogrammieren other people in their spare time.
Linux programmers, the Plan of DV editing did there is probably not so very many. And then some who have a FX1 is available .....
Dogmatism brings no next one.
If there is the corresponding Programs under Windows, use Windows halt, at least as a second operating system on the disk.
For my part I think Linux good, use it myself, as a secondary system.
But if I want to make sensible DV editing, is popular with my Windows.



Antwort von Bamboo:

"Anonymous" wrote: buy yourself Windows

Wrong, buy a Mac!


Antwort von hannes:

I have been thinking about it synonymous, especially since my daughters are working with them. Look at me, but I spend as much money for software, I get sick. Since I do not even give out with Widoofs tenth!

Unfortunately, Linux is still not an issue for video editing.

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