Infoseite // Film entry, I need help in choosing the camcorder

Frage von fnairolf:


my first post in the forum for you. Maybe just about myself, my name is Florian, I am 23 and am from Wilhelmshaven. I want to start with the film because I for one only photos of boring and partly because I need a lot of material to familiarize myself with Final Cut Studio for Apple ne certification.

So we come now to my problem. The market is huge and I look s.Camcordern not completely through and know what to look primarily Nich needs.

Thats all I want to shoot in general, I think the camcorder should offer the possibility to connect an external microphone to have a somewhat usable sound. Auflösungsmäßig he need no 1080p / i to have 720p would be nice.

Brand ect. play no real role, as I said has Nich knows what Mr. Teller was.

The real sticking point might be that I would not spend more like 200 ¬ (for devices, accessories comes later).

I would appreciate some recommendations.

Greetings Florian


Antwort von domain:

Since Gibts but Aiptek or special offers from Aldi already with AVC HD. Actually you need only google.


Antwort von Jan:

The market up to 200 ¬ HD camcorder is small and modest. While there are many small companies, which are produced but often cobbled together in China. Productions called das.

Then you realize this is so some Rollei actually one synonymous Traveller and Jay Tech, and a Lidl supermarket some Praktica camera.

The Magazine Videoaktiv adopted before spending a couple of times the Billigheimer, and the test results were rather weak.
Even the 150 HD ¬ winner in the overall result is actually worse than an SD device, similar price range. Many things are taken into account (often no stability at highest Resolutionund eg can not use some plug for continuous operation but only for loading, etc).


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