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Frage von cozmo3001:

Hi All,

who can me a quick workflow for photocopying of DVD Recommend to Pc?

I must s.and (on behalf of customers; TV area) Film excerpts of DVDs (; dub-created and purchased with possibly protected) to your PC for editing in Premiere CS3 and / or After Effects.

So far I have made the detour through DVD Shrink & Nero Recode, but I can only seem to encode mp4 ultimately ...

There is no simpler solution?
- DVD Player without copy protection?
- Software that does everything automatically?
I need:
- Start and End frame Choose frame
- Encode directly without Qualtitäsverlust to Avi, Mpeg, Quicktime, etc.
- With option, stereo or 5.1 decoding (; without large muxing, demuxing, etc. ..)
- The best, of course, synonymous like for Blu-Ray ...;-)

Hardware I worked with a Blackmagic Intensity Pro, but have never been able to use for video-recording, because I no applied signal from Premiere or Beilig software is displayed ...

Hope you can help me ...



Antwort von klaas:

So here we mainly use Mpeg Streamclip.
gibts is freeware for both Mac and PC as synonymous.
I can only recommend, since you usually synonymous initially defined endpoints and can ...



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