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Frage von soahC:
Juni 2007

Hi everybody,

I film quite soon (at least for our city) great music, and had some questions.
So I am going with 4 Cams film (2x Pana GS 500, GS 1x Pana 300 and 1 x SonyHC1). Sound is via PC directly off the mixer. The whole is 8-10 hours!

Is it worrying that so long Cams (max.10 hours) walk, or even recording to leave?

Unfortunately, I am the only one with the experience of shooting concerts and it has!
Would you draw 3 Cams firmly and with a moving film or would you 2 cams and 2 fixed up moving cams, of course, with risk, as the 2nd moved Cam of someone "inexperienced" is held?

On prospects, I would have thought of me as follows:

1x Halbtotale about in "instrument level", that is so synonymous nor + the heads of the audience with arms on it are

1x light slanting of the left front, so synonymous with Height on the musicians

1x from the rear top, almost over the heads of the musicians on the audience

and at once moved.

Any objections, suggestions ...

Antwort von AndyZZ:

So 4 cameras, 10 hours per ... Remember, every hour to move all the tapes. Since you need 40 tapes! Have fun sifting and cutting! Since you will probably need months.
Otherwise: I can unfortunately no recommendation you give. My gut feeling, your camera positioning fits.

Antwort von soahC:

Yes, thank you for me to eindigitalisieren remember, I had successfully repressed grade:)
Well, the tapes are still of the city paid.

Someone knows what the recording time to say? Some cams are yes but after 2 hours already "hot"!

Antwort von JMitch:

I would move at least 2 cameras. otherwise it would me the material to be boring. the musicians move but idr on stage and if there None pans with fixed settings and just be ... laaaangweiiiliiiiich

still need cameramen?


Antwort von PowerMac:

The tapes with the 40 is so ne thing. This is totally in the pants. You need to be constantly rumrennen and change tapes. If what the timing does not work, you might miss a few minutes. I suggest you looking for four experienced cameramen. Build proper electrical connections and cables. So that the electricity never gone, or the Picture. You have to mix everything live. This will save you hundreds of hours of work! Let me see how you four times ten hours with consumer timecode gaps and cut! If you have cameras with Free Run did, that would be easy. You have to be you just a professional video mixer borrow (which costs money), four monitors, live and cut the whole thing to a computer / parallel DVCAM VTR record.

Antwort von JMitch:

Even if you do not have professionals, I would preferably all cameras (except for a shot) have manned. An amateur s.Tripod is always looking for even better image than the one you before the concert rigid definition of (at least, if you received something it previously did). Had recently with 3 cameras filmed an event. 2 moves on a tripod, the third shot on the rigid. The rigid camera has s.Ende maybe 5% of the total film contributed was usually simply the most boring picture, though the other synonymous of amateurs were filmed. With professionals would, of course, still much better ...

Antwort von JMitch:

On the question of how long the run can Cams: I have the HC1 and which you can safely run for as long as you want, my good times synonymous ran over 10 hours s.Stück.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

This is a great Auffwand that you need to operate synonymous if something should come out .... Also, I would - except for the shot - all with cameras cameramen equip. Important: talk to each other possibility! (Intercom) to coordinate.

I think the live mix is a good idea. However, because duration of the event directly into a PC or on a hard disk recorder which allows no significant change cassettes scenes are missing - or two recorders with tapes puts launched .... (so did you save in time of change, all recorded double)

Side effect of the "central Directing": You see all the camera Bildser and can talk about the connection the cameramen steer.

Regardless of which could be "security reasons" s.den cameras can run tapes (yes, not all need be). Why? Because you are so a faulty live cut could correct. (And this happens safely, if you're untrained)

For the parallel recording in PAL Resolutionkäme possibly the multicam recording of software

Antwort von kameramaennchen:

I would therefore synonymous make sure whether the cams the whole time through well. So I think the GS500 is running hot pretty fast but I had never been synonymous piece 10h s.einem to> still nichmal ne entire hour.

Antwort von Peter06:

Is that any finished product 10h long movie?
If so - that no man sees himself again. If not come anyway only the main highlights in the video.

Also note that everything in the same format will be filmed - so all 16:9 or 4:3.

Antwort von soahC:

Thank you for the many responses,

So all I do, of course not. Even with the fixed cams are people and change the tapes out again and change the setting.
Furthermore, I think I on the "2 moving Cams" tactics. At 4 Cams yes, I should have reserves in case the same moment both verkacken:)

And 10 hours is of course not. I think a maximum of 3 songs per tape. First, the best and the last;)

Antwort von megalutzi:

indeed, is almost everything has been written. I recommend the live synonymous cut. Intercom advantage, image control and much more.
Maybe I can because you help out with my equipment. I am very extensive and probably not more expensive than when you have everything zusammenleihst,
So, if you but for the live cut-variant decide, then you can have me ja ne mail and we entertain ourselves.
If you can do for your city, then you probably synonymous with a budget (although some cities as synonymous quite stingy - but then you should not do something).

During festivals, I manned up to 4 remote and 3 headers. Just next month, I again sowas. These are 7 cameras and this gives a great result.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

Hey Lutz, narrative anymore. And doing a lot of photos before your set and the technology.

Antwort von megalutzi:

why more erählen, I'm schreibfaul ;-)

So it is a festival 2tägiges with 2 each and a main Vorband.
There is the side (possibly synonymous rear) of the stage a screen. This fact implies that we have a main and a Subregie drive, so that on the screen as another signal is present in the main intersection. For instance, you can on the big screen and show a close-up on the DVD you can see the shot. How can the viewers a spreziell deliver tailored Picture. What should the viewer because synonymous with a shot to start? They have to yourself.
The conditionally consider a Subregie and directing a main mixer, and a sophisticated wiring. Is synonymous for me but not the first use with main and sub-director, have already done 3 times.

As we have 4 cameras manned. One stands on the FOH tower next to the pursuer, a stage in the ditch (Dolly), then a Kamerakran and a manned on stage.
As a Remote Heads, we have a remote head s.der stage edge of the moat bemante the stage to assist a Dome Camera (but without any zoom) presumably on the stage behind the drums, and a CameraLink on a remote-controlled pan-tilt head is slightly off the stage on a balcony and are still a few views of the stage, the catwalk into the audience and ever so ne view over the square.
The 4 bemanten cameras have all intercom and Tally, which are so remote head of the Directing from, which do not.
Since everything is OpenAir, we build up the camper in Directing my parents. So we have our "truck".

So, I said enough?
Photos I have enough from last year, or synonymous of other engagements, but most is not exactly tidy.

Antwort von Peter06:

Such music is not to forget the sound! There should be good microphones ago.

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