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Frage von blueeyes:

Hey guys,

So I really like turning s.Wheel -.- Since this morning I try to present my thesis a movie I surprise with the way Movie Maker (, surprise) zusammengeschnippelt have to burn to DVD / CD. I've tried everything possible, that is converted into mpg, with different Brennprogr it. tried to burn to 'ne DVD, burned on ne CD and I always had the feeling that it finally funktoniert since the Pc indicated that the burn process has completed successfully, but every time I watch it play, it breaks after 3 Min from, is just the beginning on it and the rest did not come with (kswo he remains !)...
I really do not know what it might be, have been synonymous rumgestöbert the Internet, but I find nothing Useful hope that you can help me, because time is pressing and next week I shall present the work already ...
You know what it could be??
Would Tips on very, very, very grateful ^ ^

LGGG & good night ^ ^


Antwort von B.DeKid:


Query With MediaInfo once the finished film and us the log / text file with the post info.

Brennprogi mention what you use

Output format for Windows Movie Maker call (or as mentioned above times MediaInfo Log post)

Brand name blank.
Burning rate call
Operating system call
DVD Burner brand name

You look the DVD on the PC or external DVD player?

Is the original film by clean?

One could get the prob on the ropes

B. DeKid


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