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Frage von 123456789:

Could it be that a film as long and wide it is from a DV editing progmm not get out because the PC is too much data to process. or must go and it just takes longer?

Please help me: (


Antwort von PowerMac:

Sure can do his. A good editing program but works stable. I have just four hours in my timeline. By about 3000 cuts and again to four cameras. Then, Color Correction, Titles and everything to 16:9 gedampft. All in one sequence. And in turn, directly to DVD. That should be a program you can. And never in two weeks' production crash.


Antwort von charles ügo:

Four hours in a sequence, na prost Mahlzeit!


Antwort von Wiro:

"123456789" wrote: Could it be that a film so long and is large ...
Yes, this may well be.
Gruss Wiro


Antwort von Debonnaire:

No, actually it can not be!

If the source clips to the hard drive space and still have roughly the same amount of space is left for temporary clips, the PC is in principle capable of editing the program to load and generally synonymous to operate, then it should work.

No serious editing program invites the entire film into the program (or the PC into RAM), but read closely those parts of the source clip, you work s.denen.

When cutting a source clip is nothing really "cut" (and therefore must be synonymous not be loaded into RAM), but there are basically only text entries in the project file, which documented WHAT WILL make the cutter. Only at runtime, or when the finished film is rendered and played out to be a workbook, the program editing this section DECISIONS (hence the synonymous term "EDL (Edit Decision List) for the transmission of a cut of a software project to another) increased, more or less comfortable (Yes, here comes the performance of your PC into the game!) the film (other than everything in real time) rauszurendern.


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