Infoseite // Film jerky after burning / Halbbildproblem?

Frage von mark6322:

I have kompriemiert a Video with the "Compressor" for a DVD. If I data (m2v + ac3) then burn in Toast the jerky film on the DVD then even though I have "fields" is set. I have been synonymous "Top Field First" and "Bottom Field First" is set and then burned, but then the film is still jerky.
In what may be yet? I'm already the 7th DVD kaputtgebrannt ...
Addendum: The jerky is approximately every fifth Picture, as if he had it burned with 30fps.


Antwort von mark6322:

I'm now of the "Compressor" compressed file times with "Media Info presented" gibts there anything which is not true? or when everything comes together as I get a DVD without the existence jerk?:

General / Container Stream # 1
Total Video Streams for this File -> 1
Video Codecs Used -> MPEG-2 Video
File Format - MPEG Video
Play Time -> 59s 6Mn
Total File Size -> 284 MiB
Total Stream BitRate -> 5668 Kbps
Video Stream # 1
Codec (Human Name) -> MPEG Video
Codec Profile -> Main @ Main
Frame Width -> 720 pixels
Frame Height -> 576 pixels
Frame Rate -> 25.000 fps
Total Frames -> 10 499
Display Aspect Ratio -> 16 / 9
Video Standard -> PAL
Scan Type -> Interlaced
Scan Order -> TFF
Colorimetry -> 4:2:0
QF like (Gordian Knot) -> 0524
Codec Settings (Matrix) -> Default
Video Stream Length -> 59s 960ms 6Mn
Video Stream BitRate -> 5437 Kbps
Video Stream BitRate (Nominal) -> 9000 Kbps
Video Stream BitRate Mode -> VBR
Video Stream Size -> 272 MiB (96%)
Video Encoders -> Apple MPEG-2 encoder v483-20,050,527 [7.7 million 10 499 r9000000 w3 e2s s0x10002 v0x0 e2]


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