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Filmschaffende gesucht

Film-makers sought

Frage von SUSUH:
September 2007

SUSUH is a new platform, which for service providers and employers has been created. Our members represent not only your offer in writing, but synonymous video. Your individual application, so to speak. Very many of our users can not produce video or would like to get a draw, which is of a professional is rotated.

To do this we are looking for film-makers who are well on video and make representations on our platform so present. Our platform will be the end of October in the beta phase and s.Ende September you can register with us.

We want the theme video production out very prominently, as it is a very important feature of our platform. To do this we are looking for exactly you who are in this profession at home.

It is synonymous an excellent opportunity to earn extra money. Our clientele comes from all sorts of divisions. From dogwalker to journalists. There are no limits. In the opposite case, present themselves synonymous business owner, what staff are looking for. Again, the imagination has no limits.

For more information, and access code for our platform, we'd like to send. Send an email to: Ute (dot) Moritz (at) susuh (dot) biz

Antwort von Pianist:

Times I would consider as a spam ...


Antwort von SUSUH:

I would see it differently;)

We are a serious company and not spam!

Are equally "critical" on set and SPAM can well understand your concerns!

I'm sorry that it is so important. I would be happy to clarify further about our project and to make it, and precisely before us!

LG aus Berlin,


Antwort von Pianist:

"SUSUH" wrote:
We are a serious company and not spam!

However, nothing else is if people in other forums only therefore writes to his own offer. You can be happy somewhere paid ads turn. It is no preference as to whether you are looking for film-makers or sell Potenzmittel want.


Antwort von SUSUH:

I have been working many years in the industry and of internal so I can very well distinguish what is spam and what is not.

Of course it is the platform to make known to the other but we are looking for lots of people who are looking for work.

Below are synonymous many people who have no opportunity to be present, as happened with our page will be possible.

That applies just as synonymous to the film makers free.

But I respect every opinion and am happy to deal with, no doubt.

You can very much synonymous with me personally having had nothing dagen - Quite the contrary. I am very willing to make any misunderstandings in the world.

Thanks fd trust,


Antwort von SUSUH:

I like to write like a text, where I detail about our project and enlighten us regarding synonymous doing so that you do not have the wrong impression.

Dearest greetings


Antwort von Pianist:

"SUSUH" wrote:
I like to write like a text, where I detail about our project and enlighten us regarding synonymous doing so that you do not have the wrong impression.

No, please not here.



Antwort von SUSUH:

You schreist for help?

Why not with the topic set?

As I said, I am very happy to clarify!

It is not just about the platform to make known, but to provide a platform where film-makers get new customers.

The course synonymous are willing to reward performance.

Antwort von SUSUH:

As promised, now more details:

Let me tell you a little from the Project, so that your have more information.

What is Susuh?

Stand you have been before the decision, a cleaning
choose? Or a babysitter? Trust and empathy are
the crucial points. Happy can appreciate who
Recommendation of friends gets. All other struggling through
Classified ads or auction portals - a time consuming affair,
with an uncertain output.

Perhaps, but were you ever looking for a job and it was not you
Attention, because you with your cover letter in the mass
're down.

On Susuh everyone can with its present capabilities. And
s.besten the video. After five seconds to create more video
Confidence than five pages of text. Our goal is to, with less
Time to find better service. And for the
Better service contracts.

There are a lot more of what we offer on our platform. This
then more next time

Initially we would like the registration process and uploading
a video test. For this you can log on www.susuh.eu

So much time to

We present the "film makers" in high position s.Plattform because your so behilfleich the other should be.

Just the people who are looking for someone who turns your personal video.


Maybe something to us founders:

We have been years in the Internet business and have worked for renowned companies.

Among others: ComBOTs, Web.de, QYPE, eBay International AG, Cellity much more ...

We have all developed a name synonymous and are in the blog area, as well as marketing and media field.

Hence, there will be a rapid spread public id given in advance and we need of course the "Content" on the platform.

Starting next week / next week, then begins the phase where the first register and create your profile. You do not have video settings, but very soon see that you have a big disadvantage.

Then go to the search for someone to shoot your video & t (BWZ finish) can be.

The handling of "upload" is very simple. With one click, the video can be seen on the platform.

We host our videos for "Sevenload.de" which is closely associated with us and for us is the ideal partner will be.

So much of our times from Page

If you have questions, or actually now want to have the code to his profile to create and upload their video, which may be like me via mail.

BUT: Be careful, it is only a "part" can be seen - everything else is still not uploaded to the server, but will be improved / developed. You find yourself so to speak, then to a "raw" site.

But now

Nice vd Spree Sunday yet, wish you

Ute & Partners

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Spam. O-sound.

And somehow muffelt the invitation code thingy quite strict.

Antwort von SUSUH:

What is SPAM?


This is NOT a mass-mailing as much as I would like to add comments.

We would be delighted if the post could remain.

Otherwise: Shame on you!

Liebe Grüße,


Ps: Very happy can be synonymous me personally to ask and I'm ready synonymous, a callback, or a return email to carry on further questions and concerns in an appropriate way u.

Antwort von derpianoman:

Hi Ute,
do not take it personally, here in the forum a rough wind blows:
Who here is from the cover (ie: what to offer) can be
be sure that even the smallest error is dissected sufferings.
That I can prove the same.

Just waiting until "PowerMac" s.PC sits again!

And now you come and smell quite so for "wants to be the 'ne
golden nose deserve. "That is as synonymous for other opportunities arise
can not ever be, is unexamined so with a word
abgewatscht: SPAM! That makes you so happy here ...

LG! Klaus [/ b]

Antwort von PowerMac:

PowerMac s.Mac sits synonymous and uses the method of guerrilla marketing. However, his concepts of substance and not to 95% from hollow shit.

Antwort von derpianoman:

You see, Ute, which was the proof:
Of course not sit PowerMac s.PC.
Bin within SECONDS of corrected!

LG, Klaus

Antwort von PowerMac:

I'm probably in your self-fulfilling prophecy.

Antwort von derpianoman:

I just wanted to quickly demonstrate that there is no error remains unnoticed.

Antwort von Ratman:

I would now stand at Popcorn or Nachos with Cheese Dip ...

Antwort von Power:

Mrs. Ute is always full of power prior to their Mac and tried "like" to stay;)

Antwort von king_lijaone:

@ PowerMac:

If your "ideas" to 95%, not hollow, then we should be professionally ever be encountered.

Private - for "those interests" - taken from your description, the fate of us has probably not yet "joined together";.))

See copy:

Occupation: Journalist
Interests: Sex, Food, football

Antwort von Lino:

Dear PowerMac!

Do you work at night or how you can afford it you always sit in the forum? Although, at night you write so synonymous contributions - but synonymous an unemployed journalist is a journalist, right? For a look at your stats times:
Application Date: 14.10.2005 (!)
Total posts: 3385
[1.43% of all post / 4.79 posts per day]

Is not that bitter?

Your friend Lino

PS: I'm only arrogant people who smugly to others and behave with their narcissistic comments miss the real issue.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Yes, that's bitter.

Antwort von Johannes:

He is certainly not in vain Power mac

Antwort von PowerMac:

Great, another "PowerMac" discussion. I have soon a handful of threads that are employed with me. It helps my ego immensely!

Antwort von Johannes:

I just programmers a forum for you. I do not know why
but talking about yourself is fun. Maybe because you're always upset about it indirectly. Vll. synonymous, but only because you like the forum said sheriff are playing here. Nothing against you find yourself actually quite funny and nice.
@ Ute if I now count it as a video would offer what I would have tuhen? Do I understand correctly that I go to the people and a film / video of them doing?

Antwort von finne99:

Let us hope that your forum does not - in the eyes stabbing - has a spelling error.
My favorite: "Would think it carfully simply a feast to the mistaken shooting tremendous."

And by the way: "Wilt thou ne dufte homepage for 0 euros?"
More is synonymous not worth ...

Design: gewöhnungsbedürftig
BG Color: digestion
Contents: confusing
Overall impression: there will be a jungle.

BTW: Powermac least knows what he's talking about.

Antwort von SUSUH:

Good evening from Berlin!

With the preparations s.Launch I have a little bit with the rest waiting for answers.

I do like this from now:

"Must I go to the customers'

Honestly, this is totally out individually. As you would otherwise synonymous practices.

We offer as it were the only platform where you "meet". What your mind with each other then lie entirely your interests.

BTW: The launch is one hour prior to start and who is like an invitation key would be very similar anmailen and I will send this.

The time now is sort of test run, but where you have your profile, you can input your personal incl video / images.

Am really looking forward to your feedback and as a little extra info: In about 10 days, then starts for all the "closed alpha".

There are really only videographers are invited to create your personal profile you can.

If you like a call with me would be - no problem!

Gladly at: Mobile: +49 176 76290857
Fix: +49 30 24087617

I give the code very much synonymous with the telephone!

Best wishes from the very rainy Berlin,

Ute / Team

Antwort von Benutzername:

"Anonymous" wrote:

BTW: Powermac least knows what he's talking about.


stretched middle finger in da house

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