Infoseite // Film of Avid to Final Cut Pro - codec?

Frage von _DINGO_:

Hi All,

I have a question about codecs of different editing programs:

I cut a movie s.AVID (; 420 25P DV), is now on the tape.
Unfortunately I only have the opportunity to play off-s.einem FinalCut editing suite.
This means I have the film now out of the AVID and reinkriegen in FinalCut, and the loss as possible.

One idea was to export the movie as an uncompressed Quicktime (;. Mov) from the AVID to and then import them into FinalCut too.

If I'm doing, render must FinalCut then again before I can play?
If so, which codec would be optimal?

I know myself with Final Cut unfortunately not as well made and will try to avoid that the movie must be encoded several times ... hence the question.

Thank you!



Antwort von ed-media:

As FinalCut editor would take synonymous in all cases. Mov,
on similar projects in our filings with colleagues in Munich
have spent on the handover, we have the material
as encoding a DV Pal. mov output. For as this
Format is scheduled to land it on the tape so synonymous!


Antwort von _DINGO_:

Alright, I'll do it.
Thank you so much!


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