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Frage von andydd:

I'm still new to the profession and would like a movie from the camcorder HC23 to SonyDCR Calculator on the play and burn to DVD. The Sony software is inadequate. Solves the supply (not found) Firewire cable has all the problems? Do I need a firewire card? Or should we be governed by an additional software scout?

Am grateful for any helpful reply!
Gruß, andydd


Antwort von Sequester:

if thou hast no map, you must provide you a (zb meins of 123)
available for little money (about 10, -) IKL. cable.
software are many, would you recommend magix.
forget the usb cable.
it works, but you have a loss of quality.
With firewire, you'll receive the''best''results.

it is synonymous with the movie maker program, is included in windows

sufu times or the use, there is much synonymous''inside''



Antwort von hyneck:

Hello Tom!

Thanks for the tips! I had it with the USB cable, tried - but by MPEG compression was the result of very unsatisfactory. Firewire card and cable will help to achieve better results.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Andy (dd),

this statement shall be to you in your first steps help:
FireWire FAQ">Camcorder / recorder s.PC connect, capture and edit images


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