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Unfortunately, I was using the search function does not really find what it may be synonymous, that I do not know what the video fails.

I already have some information about games on the PC gegoogelt, but so far I had only moderate success.
As soon as I turn on my camera, opens the information that I can capture video. This is called Windows Movie Maker and I follow all the steps one by one. He gives me the info, he would be the DV-synonymous and start recording the camera will start playing the recorded videos.

Then there's a preview window, during which the recording is always black, the synonymous minutes of the Movie Maker and are not counted all the time is at 0.
Once the movie finishes, it opens an error message that the film has been corrupted and I had to ensure that everything is properly configured and is operational.
Then I called up the device manager, but where is my FireWire device to be ready presented.

What are the reasons and what should I do now, so that the PC takes up the information? I do everything for the first time

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What happens if you get with


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