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Filmproduktion als Einzelkämpfer?

Film production as a lone warrior?

Frage von P2Filmer:
Januar 2011


I belong to the synonymous-well-not just a few people who earn a "lone wolf" with their living shooting / video. First EB for public transport (then training in the film) and for several years with their own equipment in the industrial film / Image Film and partly an Internet movie.

As I said, a lone soldier. Acquisition, planning, script, camera interface, billing, etc. etc. For sound, speaker together with professionals in the Network.
Runs pretty well so far synonymous ..... but I ask myself this question:

Is it really best as a lone warrior, alone or in network to work, or should we join together with like-minded people better as a company?
Possibly. This would mean approaching s.größere still jobs and is economical in the long run than if you do it alone.
What are your experiences?

I am particularly interested in experiences of filmmakers who have a larger (larger than individual fighters) merged company. Kanntet your people before? I knew as no one who would like to do. The I know, remain my own. I wanted so far synonymous, but now believe that the alternative is more successful in the long run.

Antwort von Jott:

As long as you do not Billigheimer positionierst, special appeals, in principle, similar daily rates as larger companies (which is not a problem if the output is correct), there is no need for action. Alone are always the king, together with other's armed fast times, one is lazy, the other is greedy, and even chaos. No thanks.

What I had learned from experience again: the location must agree. Sounds silly, but s.Standrand a studio move from dreary industrial park in a noble house from the period in a prime downtown location sales had doubled without any input from almost. Clients and agencies now quite happy to take time Google Street View to see if the individual fighters rather than at home in the row-house basement workshop has ...

Helpful synonymous establishing a limited liability company (the sole shareholder and managing director). Good appearance, and the customers are happy when meanness is eliminated with the KSK. Many therefore specifically instruct only limited liability companies.

Antwort von P2Filmer:

Yes right, the right location and company name certainly play an important role in the reliability customers Gegenbüber.

As Billigheimer I do not work. The daily rates are normal for northern Germany.
The problem is rather the low-cost competition. At least for smaller orders. For large, of which I have a couple of synonymous to play the "Billgheimer" not with happily.

So I think it would be synonymous well, all raise a little bigger. Sure, it can quickly enter with several contentious. But you can just distribute synonymous skills.
For example, I'm in the creative works very well in dealing synonymous with existing customers. However, not so great in the acquiring of new customers. The others can much better. Just turn and cut I have loved, the latter takes for me but certainly a bit longer than a cutter, which makes it exclusively.

If one turns and cut another one and another in turn acquired customers, etc, of course you can quickly execute more orders than they would be alone. Good, you have to make sales more synonymous than the individual fighters. Therefore has advantages and disadvantages.

It would be interesting synonymous sure a combination of several areas of the media. If join together so as movie makers, graphic designer, photographer, etc. Only where one would find the right people, with which he is not permanently were problems, I do not synonymous.

Antwort von Valentino:

"Jott" wrote:
What I had learned from experience again: the location must agree. Sounds silly, but s.Standrand a studio move from dreary industrial park in a noble house from the period in a prime downtown location sales had doubled without any input from almost. Clients and agencies now quite happy to take time Google Street View to see if the individual fighters rather than at home in the row-house basement workshop has ...

This is in advertising and EB-shoots are important but not decisive for the final product.
@ Jott
I find the last sentence of you is very wrong, because you mean a lot of good cameramen, sound engineers and editors (etc) which have their equipment at home and work there in a false light.

I know enough companies that somewhere in the middle of Berlin have their little store room or the office with other companies to share and not really have a good reputation.

Antwort von stefangs:

may sound a bit radical, but even though I am firmly convinced that need only be in the team long term, bigger things, which is nothing for the German mentality! how synonymous have read here in the thread which has a lazy, the other too greedy .... about the gradual pick crumble fear paralyzes the entrepreneurial spirit and the envious to the other soured the atmosphere. the location is of no great role.

but please, just based on my observations and it'll have to decide for itself whether the American team to show the necessary spirit brings, has something with the sucked breast milk or not. my tip: When in doubt, prefer to stay Einzelkaempfer.


Antwort von nohab:

I agree when either synonymous, that you can work in a team better. I was long a lone soldier on the road and have put up recently with friends a GBR. Things are going well. Although we are still synonymous single fighter on the road, but still I am proud of the step. It must be clear only in the team, what skills are forgiven.
My friend is a journalist, I am a cameraman and my other friend is a genius sound engineer and editor. Since we know very well we understand each other very well (or complement each other very well).
If you have the people who dare to step. Start small at first as GBR. Since you have to tie up capital synonymous.


Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

But Wales is a purely legal liability synonymous with the total assets, as would have been better with shareholders GmbH.

Anyway, you can only work well in a team - everyone makes his area of expertise and of course it is easier to cut someone else's material as their own material. But if you have a corporate video or theatrical film has rotated, it takes synonymous like the final fine-cut to eliminate errors of the other editors or to deal with the grading to the final look to adapt, just as one has imagined.

If you're dealing with Americans, you learn to leave each other and to work as a team, in Germany there is the mentality of small battleships and individual fighters, but only the team can be realized large. Even I try to keep contacts nationwide and to realize, thanks to a jump BahnCard100 I visit synonymous agencies and colleagues in Hamburg and no preference where they are. And a nice exchange is always good for both sides. Network to develop and maintain, and get to meet for a beer and sometimes synonymous point!

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