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Filmvertonung: Sprachverständlichkeit

Film sound: speech

Frage von scrooge:
August 2005

I just cut a feature film that we have rotated mostly outdoors. Despite good Tonangel and Sennheiser directional micro-We have plenty of noise on it. Should be cut all in Premiere 6.5, which incidentally used synonymous to the equalizer EQ TC of TC Works. It allows flexible control of certain frequency ranges.
Now I do not know how I can find out in what frequency the noise is and in which the voices. Certainly overlap in these frequency ranges: As I once made fun of in Audacity a noise sample of the noise and then rausgerechnet remained of the left be convenient not much.
Hence my question:
Can anyone recommend me a good (preferably free or cheap) tool that my "anti noise" will help, or help determine the frequency, which is raising or lowering it?

Thank schonmal.

Antwort von Axel:

Hello Hartmut,
if the "noise" thus arises that the sound was Driven to the recording is too low, then you can hardly even what to save, as your test shows Audacity: The Noise has a too wide frequency response, the filter also steals the voices of frequencies, And they sound muffled.
Do you mean with "noise" traffic, the prospects are somewhat but not much better.
If it is to wind noise, so they may be inconsistent, because I have my nights around the ears beaten on my first vacation video, wegzufiltern to, but then shrugged abandoned. When I coded the whole Dolby, I found out afterwards that the wind noise was gone, not steamed, just gone. The rest of the sound was completely normal. I had the standard encoding settings including using low-pass filter and DC filter. Since then I am richer by a lot of experience and also use Sennheiser directional microphones with wind, but maybe it helps so synonymous with you.

Antwort von scrooge:

Hi Axel,

schonmal thanks for the info. The encoding with the Dolby sounds interesting. Out which program you had done it?
Was the Dolby stereo?
Explained is the really the only way that have filtered out in any encoding presets Auto the critical noise area.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Hartmut,

If it is wind noise or Windgepolter ... pity that the scenes have been trimmed. Wind noise is avoided directly to the recording) via Foam (least protection) Fell (significantly better protection) or basket + Fell (best protection.

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Antwort von scrooge:

Hi Mark,

no, there are no wind noise. We have borrowed a windbreak basket + Tonangel for the film. These are the sounds of a highway, the next we are gone, "had hoped". : - \


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Hartmut,

Street noise can be filtered out as bad as Windgepolter, since the noise signal varies. A real idea for "after the turn," I have not synonymous. "Before turning" I had searched for another location ...

Antwort von tobe:

"Axel" wrote:
When I coded the whole Dolby, I found out afterwards that the wind noise was gone, not steamed, just gone.

@ Axel:

I) have the same problem (wind noise - please, you could once again begin, AS, and with what program did you made at that time with you?

Thank you!

Antwort von Axel:

Wind noise can be very different. An occasional Prrchch a squall or, as in my case, a constant light breeze, a continuous krrrchch. This was s.einem beach, and my friends were playing volleyball - and calling out to this course. Of course, I filed a second lane with unspoilt Strandatmo about and everything fades away without voting, but the noise could be clean with no rauskriegen PASSFILT.
So I had already done some preliminary work. In fact, I sent the sound through A-Pack, then the Dolby encoder for DVD Studio Pro, with the standard-presets for stereo (do those actually two problems with this filter are having nothing, one for trimming with AC3 anyway not representable frequencies, so that no distortion effect of the removal of remnants of other DC).

The reason must have been that just AC3 compress not only the size of a sound file, but one effect synonymous - depending on the data rate - moderate acoustic compression, as is so synonymous with mp3 the case where one can have the luck in the without digitization of vinyl into mp3s to the junk filter, to Wav sound but hears everything.

I am also provides the explanation is not satisfactory, but then the result.

The best opportunities exist in a fake: restrict vital seconds, overlaying with a clean track, which they also can filter so that it approximates the interference frequency (Red Hot Chili Peppers when they came from a quirky ghetto blaster, there was the s. That day really, but one hour later).

The filters should not be programmed in the editing, here you can not even zoom in milliseconds to a hundredth of a frequency isolating graphically or treat with better tools. For me (Mac), then the backup does not work, but the filters is with> Adobe Soundbooth (Google, demo version) as a breeze. If you a few seconds, going on, so you could erase patiently synonymous traffic completely.

Apart of unnecessary work gets the annoying man with little experience to nearly everything - except under or overshoot.

Antwort von tobe:

Hello Axel,

I still wanted to thank you!
In my wind noise acted to is the "Prrchchch" of and with gusts of the program you mentioned, I have wegbekommen they actually filter through (especially the "Heal" function has helped a lot with small noise)! Please do not ask what work;) ('m still not finished) and synonymous puzzle, but the main thing it works! And it does so after I had everything seemed hopeless shr!

Once again THANK YOU and greeting

Antwort von Gastoon:

So the wind s.Strand filter away.
Those who have professional material (Basket with fur) does not have this, which can quickly selberbauen a wind filter.

About Microphone clap a left sock. In one clap condoms. Because this is so stupid looking, it still clap his right sock.

The entire stick with tape or tie it securely with rubber bands.
The Boller, Krachzen and then next is almost gone and the sounds and voices come through very well.
It's synonymous a good protection against sand and rain, and condensation and salt water.

It is almost impossible.
At least if one knows one is not his stuff s.Strand or in the mountains.


Antwort von Axel:

A condom in the beach bag? Hmm, jo, not so far-fetched. But socks (I assume you meant socks)? But a good tip for a makeshift windbreak!

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