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Film zu Dunkel! Monitor und Graka kalibrieren?

Film to obscurity! Monitor and graphics card to calibrate?

Frage von ghostpictures.de:
Juni 2009

Hello! I have now found no matching thread on google and I'll s.net smart.

My movies seen on average after the Color correction super.
But many people complain about the pictures were too dark.
Mal nen film had now seen of me on HD TV, the phenomenon is actually adjusted optimally for DVDs and co, but now I have the same thing.
Stretches of passages are totally black! In Schnittprog. But good to see Vegas.

It could be that it is s.meinem monitor. It is mis-calibrated.
There is now a page where I can adjust the step by step?
've Been looking and thinking that he is well adjusted.

Antwort von tommyb:

You are cropping your movies happen at night? So when it's dark? Then this is (possibly the reason, no ambient light that blinds you) - in conjunction with a too bright adjusted monitor.

As long as the device is not calibrated correctly makes a color correction makes no sense.

Alternatively, you can look at times to look at the gauges of Vegas. Especially the Histogram (or, if you yourself are familiar with taking pictures), or at least the waveform (; waveform) will show you exactly synonymous with a non-calibrated monitor your problem spots.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Unfortunately, this is a huge chapter. You have the monitor on which the videos in full screen (in progress; leaked via s.besten YCbCr, such as via HDMI because that is the only correct color space for video, such as HDV or DV, if necessary, via RGB via DVI s.Calculator) a gamma Setting the value of 2.2, limiting the color space to sRGB (; important in the whole pointless Wide Gammut start devices) and then a normal calibration. The color temperature must be at 6500 Kelvin. Abound Calibrators and related Programs. In your editing program, you should (synonymous super white and super black, 1-16, disable 235-255) and provisory with your material a filter "for broadcast colors." When you calibrate you need synonymous to a brightness of about 130 eighth Candela, not brighter! That's all set up on the gamma value in the ITU .701 of the EBU. This makes the calibration with its Analyzer is a but hopefully correct. These include (synonymous correct ambient light;) diffuse, indirect light with 6500 Kelvin daylight, s.besten full spectrum, no direct light, at best, of the back, behind the monitors coming indirectly. The walls must be gray to 80%, there should be no red marks, because that irritates the eye and distorts the color impressions. If you're at it: your monitor may be 50 Hz. Otherwise, he botched the images at 60 Hz is best he can add black lines synonymous with interlaced material. The monitor, which you choose, it should have as good black point, the black should be almost dark. I suppose you use a cheap LCD. They can not black, more gray. Therefore, you see all the details in the dark incorrectly, that you would normally (; vsauf tubes and plasma displays, and better, as would not be seen with LED technology). Accordingly, "correcting" Are your colors too dark.

Antwort von ghostpictures.de:

Well, actually they have to be my monitor.

I told you reingestellt me an example picture:

zum Bild

The face is in shadow, but you can see eg the left eye yet, or am I mistaken?


In terms Histogram I still have no clue blow. Sorry.
I've looked at the time, but understand only train station. = (;

Antwort von tommyb:

The left eye of the person from view? Yes, that one can recognize.

The right eye is not.

: edit this area has indeed, according Histogram drawing, however, hardly rises above 20 (; of 255). The overall picture is Histogramtechnisch in order.

Antwort von ghostpictures.de:

Can you keep s.einen mean?
Then I watch the pictures after the check s.and again.

Otherwise I was just s.HDTV again ... Did the brightness hochgepusht and then you could see about as much as synonymous with me in the cut or s.pc.

Antwort von domain:

Download them but once the test image http://www.belle-nuit.com/testchart.html down. The fields from 0 to 16 should all be black on your monitor, and although not really black and dark gray.
Only the field 2o should withdraw some of them already.
If this is not the case, adjust the contrast of the monitor to maximum value and then change the brightness accordingly.
However, it should still synonymous field 251 of his 255 distinguishable.

Antwort von PowerMac:

No, your monitor is not calibrated correctly. The eye left in the picture can be seen almost nothing. Do it right, as I have mentioned it to you or leave it.

Antwort von ghostpictures.de:

So that's how it came out of the action.
Because the eye was already seeing almost synonymous to ...
zum Bild

Antwort von B.DeKid:

So I'm here nen good SetUp to create and sorry but the Picture (; eye) which is not always synonymous erkenen to "" (; Say this is much too dark)

Do not make your pictures better nen Tick s.Set Even brighter than you want to have it later) minimum half an Aperture otherwise) siehts ner but after editing, just out of shit.

Heller can always make dark - dark but you can usually never screws satisfactory brighter.

Of effects and layers that you may have about it now and share views before speaking not at all.

To calibrate, we are using Spyder3 Studio.

B. DeKid

Antwort von ghostpictures.de:

Joa was just the thing that we had only s.Set nen light sails.
There was no electricity, and battery lights, we have not synonymous.
The aperture is fully open.
Unfortunately, the location was just very bleak synonymous ...

Now I let time take the test. Thanks for all the info!

Antwort von tommyb:

Who says that you MUST see the eye? Do not be unconditional.

If you make a color correction, however, and this part of the picture is important, then you should rotate them accordingly.

Antwort von PowerMac:

None says. It's just a question of whether one can recognize the good eye. You can not. Furthermore, the author speaks of the thread of his DVDs come in to the viewer than too dark.

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