Infoseite // Film transfer from the camcorder to the video studio on a laptop

Frage von wo_schaefer:

I want films that I have taken with a 9-year-old Panasonic Camcorder, transferred to my laptop and I have to buy a grabber LogiLink. This was the grabber software Ulead Video Studio here. The installation of the tool and the driver went without problems and the video studio synonymous recognizes the grabber. But if I connect the Grabber by the Kabal with my Camcorder, comes the error message dasss no video signal is available or the signal was too weak.
Daraufhinwurde the grabber and the SW exchanged, but unfortunately the result is the same with the new grabber.
Now I have the latest version of Video Studio 12, fetched network as a test version and installed. So I can now watch my movies on the laptop, but pressing the Aufnehmetaste leading to the a blank screen appears. Even the supposedly transferred movie file is empty!
When connecting the camcorder I have alternately with the yellow cable and connected with the S-Video cable.
What can go wrong when recording?


Antwort von vaio:

Perhaps the Grabber not deal with Pal-signals, but only NTSC ...
I generally think nothing of grave Bern. Sorry, my opinion.



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