Infoseite // Filmgeräteverleih presents modified EOS 7D

Frage von Bernd E.:

And so from a Canon FGV PL7D with connection for PL-optics:


Antwort von werner schäfer:

I had synonymous its competitors in the hand, and at first glance, the two cameras may indeed be the same! However, on closer look, in spite of almost 80 ¬ more I would prefer the model Denz. Both images on the Internet were beginning to be not real, but now I had both in hand and one (my opinion) quality advantage is Denz synonymous because the case is high. The second is as measured as the sensor? If mechanically then that's a joke or someone he wants me to tell the sensor PLAN with a dial indicator measures? When I got a personal demand for the company Denz an answer that is another plus.
Therefore, if budget fits quite clear I'm going to Denz.


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