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Filme gegen Geld - reicht eine GS 280 oder besser eine teurere Kamera ?

Films against money - goes a GS 280 or better a more expensive camera?

Frage von Dr. No:
Mai 2006


Beginners, however, nor have I intend with my new hobby "start shooting" the proper way. Reason: I would love for my friends, acquaintances, etc. shots of birthdays, weddings or other companies (such as photographs of the moving motorcycle, go on holiday impressions, etc.) and sell it against payment of the expenses. And if money flows, I would of course synonymous offer a good quality movie like this.

Read this and I've learned a lot, but one question still torments me forever.

Basically, the Panasonic GS 280 and much praised a good camera - which I had purchased synonymous. However, I consider synonymous to me, whether it should better have a "more professional" camera in the price range to buy up to 1800 euros.

Can you please help me and explain:

Whether or not a camera for about 1800 euros s.Bildqualität actually so much more compared to a GS 280 or bring your opinion, what ever the real benefits would be such an expensive camera compared to a GS 280?

Thank you for your help and greetings

Antwort von der_kleine_techniker:

Well, DV movies with little money-making, of which we all dream of.

To snatch you right out of your time daydreaming. Who will give you money for it, so you birthdays, can accommodate weddings, vacations or motorcycle impressions?

At weddings and birthdays are often photographers and Videoisten among acquaintances / friends who give up their twisted and snapped for free. So that no money is to be done, unless you are really professionally, and then all other problems are solved (commercial / tax) but also with the competition is overwhelming, because all the others are also filming weddings and birthdays.

Vacation Impressions: For holiday impressions, there is only one potential, namely you. No one else

Motorcycle: Jo, I myself do, good quality is not easily achieved. Vibration damping is complicated. Attachment is more difficult for motorcycle, or requires a single acceptance by the TÜV. And the heavier the camera, the more effort, especially when going bike.
About the possibilities and difficulties in-Moppedfilmen you can start your own thread.

And if you just begin with DV, then buy yourself better first some small camera. You can always upgrade yet. But buy the same great features, which is then later in the corner, or with loss must be ticked on ebay, this is the wrong way.

Antwort von Daniel_23:

Yep but you have to understand that the material, what do you get for nothing of your buddies, then synonymous uncut and "so-so" is rotated. He must have said little "better rotated, with Tripod, pay attention to lighting, etc. I would imagine that there's already interested.

Antwort von Markus:

"der_kleine_techniker" wrote:
At weddings and birthdays are often photographers and Videoisten among acquaintances / friends who give up their twisted and snapped for free.

When the last time I received a rejection of the parents of a married couple, I said flippant "The failure to make all the first wedding." The parents are almost fell off my chair because they thought I do not reckon with the couple so that keeps the marriage.

In fact, I thought that s.Anfang all think the uncle with his ¬ 300-digicam so could make the shots. What comes out, I need you so do not tell.

A layman must do, however, only the experience that the work of professionals not only "a little", but is worlds better than the video of that pensioner. And after that loss (= very lousy movie wedding / event that can not be repeated and thus lost for ever) are some willing to spend money for such a production.

Well, and then you need a beginner course, a lot of patience (= number of years) until it has developed the necessary professionalism s.der Camera and the cut and raised the quality of the service "got around video production. And then play it sometime synonymous sooo not very important any more, with what appears to be a wedding camera rotation. The important thing is to get the right result.

Antwort von wolfgang:

So Mark is absolutely right: the professionalism is an important point, no preference, obs is now at the shooting or cutting.

The lighter the buy point is still a better camera - the GS280 may be good, but for this purpose it is more low-end. The serious point is to gain experience - because it simply takes time. I myself movies for nearly 20 years, but I would describe as the perfect way to None ...

Antwort von silentzero:

Without specifying hihi, I'd like to say that I am by such films birthday (, wedding) in my area already have become a bit famous. And this is surely because I HOST in better quality and I'm synonymous with cutting many thoughts.

We already said it, the uncle of the wedding is filming the whole salad then just play on a VHS cassette. I can cut them, the film rightly to deliver on a DVD, and synonymous make a few extras to it. Example: My last wedding film I can start and end like a fairy tale. Not least, it is synonymous nor the subsequent correction to the colors. Music basket underneath to correct the sound still allgeimein etc. ...

The Camera synonymous plays a major role. A wedding guest has with his camera nor the last hours of the ceremony filmed. And since we already noticed a big different if the colors are too pale, roars the Picture, and it is quite blurred. I do not understand why people can not even let the fingers of the zoom button.

Antwort von Dr. No:


For your answers, I would like to thank, though my real question about the differences of a GS 280 to a camera for about 1800 Euro, have not been answered.

It may indeed "good" be meant, if I am several of my "movie-Earn money dreams" tear, but the completeness would be synonymous, and still answering my original question belongs.

Maybe / probably I'm guilty myself. If I had this "open and honest" Introduction of non-written, no one could stop it "" can.

Well, seis drum. As a result of this question and my usual "angelesenen experience," I will follow the recommendation:
No. Billigkamera buy (the joy s.der handling and film quality is more modest), but buy a good camera like the GS280 and continue wenns hobby is fun and the results of "marketable" are / are, it can still be upgraded.


Antwort von Wiro:

Very reasonable!
Gruss Wiro

Antwort von prem:

hello ... So I guess that it alone with a "semiprofesionellen" camera is not enough ... shaky images, and feeling bad picture can be so synonymous not resolve of itself ...
Therefore, I would schedule tripod for a little financial synonymous possibility of space for a ... because without such, simply does not succeed in properly clean pans ... not be neglected as the good tone, annoyed), otherwise they are later on a great picture but rather modest ton ... ;)
little is sometimes synonymous more ... correctly, of course ...

Antwort von steveb:

I would erstmal begin to gain experience. Your results I would show critical viewers, especially those who might make himself synonymous films. Happy, of course synonymous here in the forum. I value then you know where you stand.

Antwort von Nightfly!:

Hello Dr. No!

In Camera, the GS 280 FIRST Ok but in the light of the commentary is steveb:

"steveb" wrote:
I would erstmal begin to gain experience. Your results I would show critical viewers, especially those who might make himself synonymous films. Happy, of course synonymous here in the forum. I value then you know where you stand.

Professional work does not manifest itself primarily through a mega camera and MUCH expensive equipment but by the experience (look for the image area, and feeling) for the moment.
The image quality is then much later, of the encoder depends, as you probably do not want to sell DVDs and tapes.
Of course, here is the picture quality of the starting material erstmal the reference.

So try and gain experience.


Antwort von steveb:

ge (h) exactly :-)

Antwort von jeantier:

Perhaps it makes sense anyway erstmal,

when you up innocent, abzuschauen some practical experience and Tips and Tricks of professionals. This test what is YOUR camera before you ransom. It's just like a pipe, which must Einrauch one or a sword or whatever, if 's good to be YOU Are the criterion - nothing or nobody else. Take your time, test yourself by ... the right can be seen in the truest sense of the word did not at first glance, not just Optics and technology, especially use of a priority.

You make you in the mail just asking for trouble if you do not correct the base in the box and get no preference for what price, ... You reach someone in the pockets, the result must be at least befriediegend ...

That would be here so my tip


the jean ANIMAL

Antwort von Dr. No:


DAS are now of really great responses I've received of you - freufreu :-)

The examples and recommendations are very credible and logically, the longer I think about it Beginners. I will take it to heart and follow me.

"A good camera does not make any good filmmaker," is probably the most important experience for me (and, of course), nor the many other good advice.

Thanks again and many greetings

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