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Filme aus AE richtig komprimieren

Films from AE compress properly

Frage von ultrus:
März 2006


ok yes I admit it, I'm an absolute novice with after effects ...

I'm really completely out of the print media and I put my task in Photoshop and Illustrator-generated artworks breathe life ...

Now, I note that the render eg a 32 seconds of filmchen with 1024x768 with me and my optimal settings hammer at +1.8 gigabyte (!) comes. can still be nich, oder?

There must be hard to guess ran a fine codec.
But which one?
(das ding is to be played on canvas, ie a drastic loss of quality would be very bad ...)


Antwort von mtb-design:

Hi Ultrus,

what a coincidence, I'm synonymous in the print media, and interested me, actually more for video editing. In what way do you want your illustrations breathe "life"? In the form of slide shows?
However that may be synonymous, you're sure to export the "uncompressed" is used. If you still want to burn the whole evt on DVD, is the Resolutionauch too high. Take the time to export to Microsoft DV PAL 48 KHz, the Resolutionbeträgt while 720 x 576, which is the standard for video format, especially for subsequent conversion into DVD's. In this setting, 1 minute consumes about 220 MB. Of course, it is then compressed, but still very good quality! The whole then you can then again get into the DVD format (720 out x 576 / 48 KHz / mpeg2) or even from within After Effects. And you know how good the quality of DVD's is, I'm sure that's enough for what you're planning.


Antwort von mtb-design:

hi christian,

Thanks for the quick response ..

It is actually this:
working in nyc as a freelance graphic designer and at the same time make a communications design studies. joblage has developed very dynamically during my studies, but this would break under any circumstances ...

I am now (since 01.03.) diploma in the semester and I had a try nem higher-speed next-complex imposed as working out to make a film with poster and booklet to storyboard.

Basis for the film in the age of hdtv and his like should, according to my lecturers to meet a minimum resolution of 1024x768 ..

> and as I stand now with 32s, and 1.8 GB!

So I will, "Microsoft DV PAL 48 KHz sample" times and watch where I end up speichermäßig so.

even speak to me I'm off now gar nich so sure whether the film is not going to blow my capacity.
but I will try to include all cases.

nem halt is synonymous with dream of foot to take me in the creative film compositing to ..

Greeting + thanks

Antwort von mtb-design:

Hi Ultrus,

After Effects supports as far as I remember no HDTV. Therefore, I would still try with the DV setting. It still runs after s.Beamer right? Depending on how good or bad is the projector, but if this is now Resolutionist DVD or even HDTV resolution, you can see that probably not at all. Cut video in HD is still in the formative stages, so that fight degrees around the pros and me is all so complicated enough. HD is currently nothing I want to know! ;-)
Forget HDTV, do it on DVD and just finished! No matter what your teacher says. Just because degrees are the first TVs HDready, would have to switch to HD is not equal to everything!

I wish I could of this print media to get away once synonymous, this flyer and Plakatgefummel in the long run nothing for me. Until now, I do that but only as a hobby.


Antwort von ultrus:

halt so I thought the course not, my hdtv will not be filmchen but only the 1024x768 resolution should be min ...

Try the dv on all cases!

thank you very much

Antwort von mtb-design:

if you take the DV setting, you should synonymous maintain the predetermined Resolutionvon 720 x 576th May even be that one can not at the increase, which the codec then bleats or so.
Well then good luck! :-)

Antwort von Markus:

Hi All,

there is no problem, movies with 1024 × 768 pixels as AVI from AE to render out. Native is not as advantageous, both because the file is very large and the other a "normal PC" would have problems playing. The AVI would run for the (too) high data rate is not smooth, but repeatedly stalled.

To get the best quality at manageable file size, you could use a so-called lossless codec, such HuffYUV. Which is available free on the Internet, and the film is compressed without visible quality loss.

Play the AVI file is then connected via PC, for example, by a VGA cable with the projector. Be installed on the PC must reproduces the codec synonymous, of course. ;-)

Antwort von ultrus:

Yes, that sounds very very good ...
Can we say something like compressed with a codec that affects the file size?

I have the 1.8 gig for 32 sec stop already frightened a more frightful.
Movies should be so long to 7min.

Well, somehow will have to go, and if I ne rumschleppe external hard drives ... ;-)

Thank you for your tips!
Greetings from Ultrus

goodnight zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Antwort von Markus:

"ultrus" wrote:
Can we say something like compressed with a codec that affects the file size?

I do not know by heart, I would try it. - Or do you try on it. ;-)

Antwort von ultrus:

hi markus,

I end up with HuffYUV compressed to 670 MB,
uncompressed to 1.8 GB.

comically jerky but the compressed film and the non-compressed ...

've only just HuffYUV compressed and nothing else changed at all ...
can that be, or I've got a kid somewhere inside?

Sorry, come to me before but stupid bisserl hmmmmpf

Antwort von Stefan:

1.8 GB to 670 MB or about 2.7:1 with HuffYUV fits.

With an MJPEG codec (Morgan, PICVideo) with you can still find very decent quality at 10:1 compression.

Look with the System Monitor after that is where the CPU utilization during playback. Which processor you have in your PC?

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von ultrus:

still less moment for the "kitten" just renders ...
s still takes some jiff.

S.proz But it is not safe, 3 woc old intel 940 d (-> 2 x 3.2 ghz)
There bescheid matter where it is more powerful than he, and browse in the meantime two other times for these codecs ;-)

Antwort von ultrus:


So basically you are right, the computer is in the compressed file with HuffYUV much longer do (55%) than in non-compressed (12%). Just wondering whether the player is assisted by a core of only and hence the 50% mark his leistungszinit means ...

Would that not mean, then, the final output of the film on each anderern Calculator or during, the projectors, would be synonymous jerk?

Suppose you would start a film project with the timing of about 8-10 min and a resolution of 1024x768.
How would you address it? How would you compress, and you would like the thing runterrechnen nen so it fits on DVD?

Was actually going to see at render sequences of films from (intermediate) to then import into AE again as films and to tune the transitions too. Or is it not advisable to switch to it and perhaps to premiere ...

gee, wonder of wonder ...

Antwort von Stefan:

How it looks - a core of 100% s.Anschlag, turns thumbs together makes the other 50% ;-)

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von ultrus:

yes but then gives me the whole codec nix ..

because if my "strong" computer is not top this film takes place, can pack up my laptop once supple, amen.

how to tackle an 8-10 minute AE Project with Resolution1024x768?
Compression? Runterrechnen and how it fits on a DVD?

(If I is from C4D 24sec equally Resolutionausspucke the 55MB file size and quality of super ...)
Nich soooooo quite understand it

Antwort von Markus:

"ultrus" wrote:
Was actually going to see at render sequences of films from (intermediate) to then import into AE again as films and to tune the transitions too.

The elegant and you can solve without intermediate rendering Start: Just a new AE project and import the existing projects. Then, you can help continue as if they were AVIs, but you have four advantages: First, you think you open the possibility to modify any previous step immediately, and secondly the quality is fully retained, thirdly you save (render) time and space on the fourth hard drive.

"ultrus" wrote:
how to tackle an 8-10 minute AE Project with Resolution1024x768?
Compression? Runterrechnen and how it fits on a DVD?

If HuffYUV AVIs will not play smoothly (which I do, however, never happens), then try it once with MPEG1. That would be one compression format that runs on virtually any calculator.

Antwort von ultrus:

Thank you, have me worried now, and the PICVideo the DivxConverter, the latter of which I am very pleased because I think in retrospect Files synonymous with drag and drop just can compress down ...

Thanks for the workflow plan, so I had the really synonymous presented ... That means I'm changing in retrospect synonymous s.unterkompositionen etc to something very mobile.
Very good news!

Just wanted to avoid at all costs the wrong thing out of sheer ignorance raise, but I think now I can get started.

Thank you very much here that seriously question dööflichen one of the newbies was undertaken.

Really great, thank s.alle parties!


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