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Filme mit langen Making of

Films with long Making of

Frage von popaj:
Oktober 2007


someone knows movies, where the making of quite huge.

Or. Making longer knows someone OFS?

Antwort von hellium:

terminator 2 is for me before the parade for bonus material

Antwort von Axel:

Why are you doing the quality of the OFS Making of the length-dependent? Would you have a six-Interview with Margaret Trotta of her film The bleierne time really want to see? Or hour-long, repetitive features Lord of the rings, of different TV channels produced? Or the special edition of Sin City with "extras" DVD, at just 8 minutes are interesting, the rest fanzine nonsense-or, as Rodriguez is at home bakes tortillas?

A few of the most interesting features are 20-30 minutes long, elaborately made and no promotion for new movies, for example:

Of The Making of Hitchcock's The Birds, herein:
Implementation of storyboarding, creative dealing with Sound and Music (the birds were of Bernard Herrmann "composed"), Mattepaitings, rotoscoping and an alternative end to the understanding of the film completely changed.

The Making of Verhoeven of Robocop, is:
The satirical approach s.einen "prolligen" substance (culture criticism), manning decisions "against type", the animation work of Phil Tippet, nor purely analog, since before Jurassic Park as a CGI animation consultant was.

The Making of Leones of me playing the song of death, with:
How to Spain from the American West makes, camera work,
Concrete Music and Music (the sound effects of Morricone were arranged, such as the squeaking in the wind endlessly long intro). By the way synonymous DVD a very high quality, graphically appealing and lovingly made synonymous for non-collectors like me, a lover piece, like the vinyl album of your favorite band that has not come to the flea market, even though you already have everything in MP3.

The audio commentary of Richard Schickel to Leone There was once in America, to be literally any setting and intelligent observations Besides contributing information.

The Making of Kubrick's Shining Of uncommented is a documentary, of Kubrick's daughter even filmed on 16mm, and shows the exciting backstage material Monday one of the most interesting directors in dealing with actors.

The Making of Of Van Sant remake of Psycho, which is shown as a film maker working in another reflection. The main movie itself is, of the great recordings apart, hardly worth mentioning, but the comparison to the original simple desire to make movies.

Antwort von drechsler:

This encourages me to always synonymous with the making of OFS. Hours of interviews, actor and often very little information on the implementation of which technique was used and bla.

Antwort von DWUA:

First of all, once again many thanks s.Axel.

You, dear Axel, you do not 10K or 3333 - numbers, but still
a prime number, which prompts a mention of praise.
Your "Out! Rdisch good contributions from the perspective of a
Film connoisseur rarities are that one must appreciate!

On the subject there is only so much still to be completed:
If you are really interested in a film, is about him in the
Usually synonymous literature.
Since we are next door (once again) with Jacques Tati landed
are, this is an example:
For Tati "Play Time" is from the Lit-Verlag, (Medien'Welten)

Play Time - Film interdisciplinary
A film and eight prospects

What such a "book" provides the content, is obviously about any "bonus material" on a DVD.

Every good movie finds synonymous in the print media's coverage, and were
Dissertations in publications including
And that should be enough, because the medium is so synonymous have not earned under the magnifying glass to be taken.
Unless deterrent as a "model without taste."


Antwort von Reimer Reimer:

Hello Popaj,

good bonus material is worth its money, but usually I find
the MOFs and the like not so dolle. Here abe once my favorites

Panic Room
The three-equipped DVD is the ultimate in bonus material
and audio commentaries. The absolute purchase, in my opinion.

and then s.zweiter body because of the outstanding audio --

Moving targets

(Just great, what we all know about making movies.)

Alphabetical do I return to what else is so in my
Film Collection s.guten audio commentaries found

A good commentary of a film expert, but Complementary
of one of the Antonioni film just as I appreciate

On the bonus DVD will find two long documentaries. Especially "On knife
Cutting "is a valuable Kuck, the intersection of their masters tell
Craft, highly instructive.

Exuberant, lush, the bonus material for this German indie bangers!
The film itself is not so tight. But nevertheless, a
Klopperfilm that one station in each cinema can show that
German lands.

One of my favorite movies, enigmatic final and masterful
Nolan answers to them: it is when playing a coincidence of
Drei Comments played, how to interpret the conclusions that (gugeln
helps synonymous to the other interpretations to get)

Perhaps yes, you will find a few suggestions, most DVDs can
is synonymous over the Internet for little money borrow.

All the best Axel

Antwort von PowerMac:

I knew immediately of the layout that it is Axel Brauns act. Grüße nach HH. Beautiful to see you here.

Regie.de An old friend, the times of a DVD you got.

Antwort von Reimer Reimer:

PowerMac Hello,

and still I wait eagerly to the promised
DVD from the rotary reactor. Recently, I am in a hard -
change a folder with the old network photos fingers ge -
Comment: there a proud champion DVX100 a prac -
kanten instructions ... The thread with the Wiehießernoch,
was at the grande Directing.de easy, right? What happened to the
"Dr. B" mean anything?

All the best Axel

Antwort von PowerMac:

Oh right. If done immediately.

Dr. B was never seen again. Has a few weeks after the shooting to contact attempts no longer responding. He said times but, perhaps back to the Ukraine to go because of where his family originates. Maybe now there, he studied film. Possibly.

What do you currently browsing in addition to the Film Forum?

Antwort von Wolff Cutter:

The last 3 films by Guillermo del Toro (Blade2, Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) have an extremely rich synonymous Making Of section.
Blade 2 of all but only on the UK and U.S. DVD ....
This is the Making of the shooting of 2, then synonymous overall good 3hrs long!

Antwort von beiti:

I know of another example where the Making-Of almost as long as the main movie: "Full Tilt Boogie" is a documentary about 90minütige on the rotation of "From Dusk Till Dawn" (which is on a separate DVD Collector's Edition it). It is not just interviews with director and stars and a few film clips, but because somebody has really hard. It looks real, longer material "of behind the camera" and learns a lot about the independent film scene in Hollywood, on the influence of the local trade unions, etc. There are a number of conversations with "young" staff catering assistant, lighting, etc. and not just always the gossip of the stars.

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

... because I fall spontaneously Scorsese *- these four films:

there are on the DVD's first "Making Of" section on it, partly on a second DVD. In Goodfellas and Casino synonymous tells Thelma Schoonmaker (cut).

*) My absolute favorite director

Antwort von Lena:

this is almost a class reunion here, where you can comfortably on classics, such that even want to be everything and the quality of talking ...

For the main question:
The Making Of matrix of what would be length are not synonymous and it is quite interesting (story board ... and how this much-quoted "Matrix Effect" works, etc.)

lg Lena

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

"Heart of Darkness" is not really of making of "Apocalypse Now", but rather an independent documentary.

In "Lost in La Mancha" was removed from the actual making of the film, ultimately, the downfall of a film project of Terry Gilliam states.

My favorite is, however, the already mentioned "The Making of Shining." But actually all, where no self or place an interpretation on the film is delivered.

Antwort von popaj:

Hi, thanks for the many tips.

I did the first "From Dusk Till Dawn" DVD borrowed.
Let's see what the offer since.

Have other ussynonymous OFS Making DVDs with this, just how long and how extensively do is not there.

eg Triple XXX, Fast and the furious, ....

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