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Frage von tim.schaer:

Hello dear community,

I have a big problem when import my material in Final Cut Pro.

I have 3 tapes that I must import (taken with Canon HV 30) ... I close my HV 30 s.mein via Firewire Macbook Pro and start logging and capturing in Final Cut Pro.

The device control works beautifully.

First issue: Video preview is disabled. I think no one zuaktivieren this option.

Second problem: I need all the material from the tape I want to take it completely. So, by Direct. Once I start the preview comes the black screen. So far so good. However, the bottom is "Waiting for Timecode" and nothing happens. I can wait as long as I want to do it is nothing.

Can I help who?

Greetings Tim


Antwort von Axel:

The problem arises from Aunt Google on a couple of times. Very often helps the camcorder to designate as "non-controllable device", to serve him with the Cam-owned and Play buttons to capture directly.

Others suspect an incorrect recording setting. That would be to check. If the recording settings (> Easy Setup> HDV, nothing else!) Would still be the complete reset of Final Cut Pro is a (dangerous) option:
> Tim.schaers Mac> library> preferences> t - and, next below, folder> Final Cut Pro User Data in the trash. Restart (Note: Capture Scratch etc. specify new if possible, nothing else).



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