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Frage von Bluspiceman:


I have included a play with three cameras.
Now I would like to send Multicam the whole divorce, but I must first take now the 3 different codecs on a common denominator.

The following cameras have been used:

SonyZ1 with 1080i HDV 25Mbit
SonyEX1 with 35Mbit XDCam 1080i
171 Panasonic DVCProHD 1080i with 100Mbit

What codec would especially picures her?
so far Apple ProResHQ had in mind.
The whole with the compressor changed.
What do you think?
Should of course be changed verlaustarm and retain the best quality!

Cutting with Final Cut Studio 3 and my MacBook Pro 5.1 2 * 2.4 Ghz 4GBRam

Can the data streams are played simultaneously at all?
Have so far only SD Multicamgeschnitten.

Am very grateful for answers!



Antwort von Axel:

"Bluspiceman" wrote: Can the data streams are played simultaneously at all?

With ProResHQ? This is probably. It is a compromise. First, should the material be presented as EX-1440 (EX for editing default), then has 1440x1080 @ 50i following average rates:
AIC = 56 Mbit / s - ProResLT = 78 Mbit / s - ProRes = 104 Mbit / s - ProResHQ = 157 Mbit / s (this must be the Compressor setting edited as HD HQ always coded in 1920 and then ~ 187 Mbit / s).

Quality away? What can you say? Does HDV, the weakest link in the chain off, so bad? The Z1 Camera (nothing against them) makes just make HD, with its 1 MP. Hardly Color correction necessary? Then take the AIC. Otherwise ProResLT. Try it.


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