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Frage von agnie:

Hello you,

I have a few problems with AppleScript. Perhaps you can help me, yes.

So, it is an exercise that rotated on 16mm, 4x3, now in Digibeta, have sound
Dat was added to a very old device.

The first problem: The sound lost after I had properly applied the flap, its Syncronität. Initially, he is still coherent, but then lost, so that no longer fit together BIld and Sound.
There are a lot of speculation about what may have gone wrong, I want to exclude primarily an FC user error. Do you have an idea?
(; I suspect that the picture was taken in 24 frames and the sound with the 25p setting - with the Digibeta is then delivered so synonymous in 25 pictures, complicates)

The second phenomenon: When exporting via QuickTime movies coming out later in a completely different cut sequence, than that which is shown in the timeline,
the pictures are sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, but are synonymous svöllig wrong places next again and so ... I can fully rendered everything right, so I have no idea synonymous over what
this could be.

So all in all, really desperate.


Antwort von Randoms:

Have you ever tried the user manual, I guess it's like you already suspect on the "pull".

Enter times in the Final Cut Pro Help pulldown "" in the menu bar, then you'll probably make.


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Digibeta to other uses are always logically prior to 25fps, because that is the native speed of PAL. Even if one is filming 18fps, you should scan cost savings to 25fps (and you can decide for themselves how the 18fps should) be played. You have the option with the read-in Cinema Tools Digibeta files of 25fps to 24fps to change, if the films were rotated at 24fps.

The sequence in FinalCut must then be synonymous converted to 24fps, and then there should be no problems ...

If, however, to land the film on DVD, then the sound will be sped up by 4.17% (s.besten without maintaining aspect pitch, otherwise there are unpleasant sounds).


Antwort von agnie:

schonmal thank you. I'm going right after my weekend Kompaktseminar dransetzten and the parameter check. sign up then.


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