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Frage von Randoms:

Send a project from Final Cut Pro with SEND TO SOUNDTRACK PRO (several tracks). Rename the project file and save.
Then renders the film Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro automatically starts with the error message (Dropped File)

It does not find the mov file.
After closer inspection of the problem I have discovered that the mov file to Final Cut Pro does not generate the same name as the sequence in Final Cut Pro, but (no preference for which film, that is) not an isolated case, the mov file it is otherwise extended, as is then a diamond and a number appended hintendran!

An Example: In Final Cut Pro is the sequence: Film XYZ
the played mov file should read thus: Film
Soundtrack Pro looks for this and it does not take a look in the folder where the store has been showing a modified mov file s.The certainly triggers the problem.
The mov file is now named: Film XYZ #

Therefore Soundtrack Pro will not find them synonymous. If I file then select Manual, he adopts her as synonymous. But sooner sowas was never necessary.

Has anyone ne idea why this number + # expansion is played out in my files?
The same problem I have, moreover, without synonymous Soundtrack Pro.
So if I export in Final Cut Pro via play mov, then I'm synonymous since the # in there in the filename.

If only I knew why, earlier had the mov `s exactly the same name as the sequence name.


Antwort von Britta Leuchner:

The problem is with us once occurred at the "capture". (well, is actually the wrong word, one captured digitally so not really)

So when we 12 miniDV tapes of Final Cut Pro via kl. Have recorded MAZ.
What exactly happened, I do not know, but it was under 10.4 and FCP6.

# Since these numbers a little s.Cache or remind temp file number, it could be broken system operations in conjunction with the clip that are to blame. Because every time you're working on - or in - or with - files (in the case of clips) on hard disks, there are hidden cache or temp tiles of the system (ie the Finder), in which the data files (the clips), or Inside, the operations "temporarily" are just s.denen changes are made.

So it could be, for example, that the "system" - whether from the Finder or of Final Cut Pro (ultimately the same thing) - this makes an unfinished process visible in the temp file names appear in Endfilename. On the other hand it may be synonymous, that this situation is explained to the manual, which I am not only explicitly known. Would not surprise me synonymous.

Assuming you have no (serious problems with one of your records, you should get the first rule), if in doubt always dreamed typical handles to make Final Cut Pro again "virgin" too. Often, solving a few hooks and little problems of unclear even to be somewhere. And besides, it helps synonymous still get the system back briskly. Thus, most "Problömchen" frequently when I miraculously resolved themselves of the system back and purred like a cat. So:

1. Save and delete everything good Final Cut Pro Preferences, as it is accurately described on the Apple support site ->

2. Final Cut Assistent oder wenn zur Verfügung Digital Rebellion Maintenance Tools laufen lassen. Info gibts
And here:


Antwort von Randoms:

Thank you for your extensive explanation.
It may well be that it is connected with the external panels, especially because I've broken s.diesem Project in using the footage to 3 external and the internal plate.
If a render when in sleep mode and wake up is, it may indeed be the the problem is caused by the delay, as you write? Who knows.

I have currently no direct approach to change, have to be honest a little "scared" that I make the problem worse with this tool that you recommend to me. For now I know how I can teach Soundtrack Pro which video file to the respective Project heard, I'm going to look at the next if the problem might not be applied if the footage is on a plate instead of 3s.

Uninstall or put on new system, this is my problem this time is not "big enough"!

How did you meant with Font Book?
Find neither Spotlight nor the Finder a File or App with the title ....!?


Antwort von Britta Leuchner:

"Randoms" wrote:
Uninstall or put on new system, this is my problem this time is not "big enough"!

How did you meant with Font Book?
Find neither Spotlight nor the Finder a File or App with the title ....!?

Uninstall or new system did not recommend I put synonymous. While this is synonymous to the support pages here, but I really meant rather the reset of Final Cut Pro on preferences. This is more useful than most believe, as synonymous change your plates Parks Final Cut Pro can irritate. Often you know more not at that one aged, on a plate with a Final Cut Pro cache folder etc. or the plate was registered as a HD in Final Cut Pro was. With the tools you need have no concerns that are allgemeingebräuchlich and many in circulation and not do anything dramatic. Digital Rebellion is as I understand it particularly well suited to old session to start to repair the errors, too. You can also check with their tools well, whether these clips with the bsagten # numbers are intact and they can be repaired if necessary. For me this was Namely frame dropouts who could fix the tool. One must, of course, incorporate and what to know That makes, what do you do there. That should be all the time. I use the toolkit of DR system fairly frequently and thus optimize my records for Final Cut Pro.

PS: To your other question: Spotlight unfortunately is often not what one is looking. Yes you can google mal nach Spotlight problems. You'll be surprised what's going on. Spotlight is far from THE GREAT innovation for Apple sells it. Moreover, it is Resourcenfressend. I disabled it via terminal and use tools such as "Easy Find" and others because I find something simple, mostly trying not search, and if I find something difficult search fails Spotlight. To find the application Font Book, you only need the folder Programs (Applications) opening in the top grades on your system disk, and click on it without a program "Shri", or enter it. The Finder automatically jumps to the programs that start with "Sri" and then next. If your system is running English, you'd have the English counterpart to the program: take (I find a non-grad, because it is so often no one to one translation)

Love Greetings


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