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FCP - Szene nach rendern grün gefärbt

Final Cut Pro - scene painted green to render

Frage von Tuffy:
August 2009


I've got a stupid and weird problem. Google gave me no result :-(;
First off: I use Final Cut Pro 6 (on a MacBook, white).

The problem is the following:
When I edit some clips (and I only corrects color!), Is in the preview everything is fine.

zum Bild

Now, when I hit Apple + R to render, and watch the whole thing in motion, is as follows:

zum Bild

The scene is colored completely green.

The best thing s.der:
It happened at exactly two clips that are synonymous s.der same spot filmed (; say, the color correction is pretty much similar to the same), the rest of my shots are not attacked. Although the two clips are processed separately, no effects on it, which I have not used elsewhere, and the effects, which are on the scene, are as follows:
Color Corrector 3-way
Gradiant Colorize (; FxPlug)

At first I thought s.den Gradient Colorize, is develop a mix FxPlug, but I use the effect synonymous to other clips in the same sequence, with success. But maybe it's only s.den settings of the effect?

The material is in 25f HDV from a Canon XH-A1, I may have in the sequence set incorrectly synonymous what, or what he has incorrectly assumed.
Could it be a problem for the graphics card? The film is eh ausgerendert elsewhere, but currently can not test (; and would have liked it synonymous confirmed before then after I stupidly sitting in front MacPro).

Thank schonmal!


Antwort von Axel:

HDV is not stable enough to carry in order to elaborate postpro. These and similar effects can avoid you if you play the material in ProRes. To use the Compressor preset "for Progressive material" (; because of "f") and convert your footage to a batch. If you worried about the larger space, first identify the HDV clips in your project you actually use.

Antwort von Tuffy:

Hi Axel,

the limitations of HDV are well known to me, and for that reason it confuses me: there are only two clips of more than a century, and many others have similar effects on it, maybe even more.

When playing off ichs have not yet, peeped erstmal only in Final Cut Pro (even, all that I spend here s.MacBook, jerky always so funny in the video, I do not know why this is the program itself I can do it without playback problems). I am trying times with the output directly.

Did you mean the compressor of the sequence?


Antwort von Axel:

If there are only two clips that hold only do the two in ProRes. For now.

"Tuffy" wrote:
Did you mean the compressor of the sequence?

Is indeed synonymous an independent program in FCS: Exporting Exporting> File>> with Compressor.

I would export but the two clips (; open in the future any better) directly from the Capture Scratch himself in Compressor and (to a new folder, "footage as ProRes).

Specifically, the processing of individual frames or keyframes from many different filters in HDV seems to be carried out not consistently reliable. And indeed at the mere rendering, meaning that there will not better afterward.

Antwort von Tuffy:

Evening Axel,

Oh you mean the - unfortunately the work for me sporadically. But since I now know what you mean, is converting to ProRes no problem. Let's test if it will work.

If the sequence but now available only on HDV, gibts da external problems?
And very stupid question: in the sequence of options, there is indeed the "Video Processing". What do I pick out because of my footage? Should be the RGB, right?


Antwort von Axel:

Does not change anything. If you have an English version is available at> User Settings> Render (apparently, according to Stu Maschwitz) render in high precision YUV. Irrelevant, in German it simply means the "highest quality".
The ProRes timeline for the two clips you call postprocess (then, from the sequence menu) ProRes422 1440 x 1080 48 kHz. You export the two, they re-importierst in your HDV timeline, done.

Antwort von Tuffy:

I can not quite follow you, unfortunately.

I have the two clips is now time taken by After Effects to bring them into the ProRes 422 (; HQ) too.
When I bring them directly into the timeline, the effects on it and do all the places in ProRes timeline, but it remains green ...?!

/ / edit
What are you half of this message?

zum Bild

Had the two clips copied to bring it to a native ProRes timeline, as they came.

Antwort von Axel:

"Tuffy" wrote:
I have the two clips is now time taken by After Effects to bring them into the ProRes 422 (; HQ) too.

HQ is not necessary, the smaller version does not go as synonymous to the GraKa. The message is clear, however: With the MB you can not render this effect possibly. And After Effects as a media encoder? What's going on?

"Tuffy" wrote:
When I bring them directly into the timeline, the effects on it and do all the places in ProRes timeline, but it remains green ...?!

But you have written, the preview would have been okay, that would become green only after rendering? And refused to render the calculator, because of the lack of GraKa?

Next: The message says that the plugin can not be gerendet. Sounds like the name as a gradient-color filter. I'd throw and a gradient with (one of the blending modes, use right click> composite modes) within the meaning of a filter. Sure, there are useful plugins, most are rather annoying.

Antwort von Tuffy:

Hi Axel,

yes, this is such a graduated filter (; as Colorama at AFX). I would understand that he does not want to render, if not I would have the same at 20 other clips: - /
I have now helped so: disables the gradient ausgerendert the clips (and no green). Then made the effect in AFX, imported finished. By blending modes because I do not think I would come so far (; or: I do not know how).
Ich finds a great pity that I did not like that can do (; or partially), but upset does not help. Especially in the preview goes.

AFX I use as a media encoder for one reason: Quicktime has (on my PC has a greater damage, I'm off times, to solve the problem), and on OSX, I'm not really versed in terms of the re-coding. Final Cut Pro, I thought there was not necessarily the best, and Compressor works as synonymous words are not always so great. Since cih have no CS4, hats to Media Encoder not synonymous - AFX, therefore, what all this (can, and because I can operate the synonymous ...).

Plugins help me not so, which costs money, and yes, I can not even synonymous use (;) is for the university. Well, so synonymous has worked so and the error is found, if it is synonymous bad comic, I think.

I am most grateful for the speedy and skilled help, Axel:)

Greetings and good night!

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