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FCP: Smart Rendering? Sequenz transcodiert oder nicht?

Final Cut Pro: Smart Rendering? Sequence transcoded or not?

Frage von Britta Leuchner:
November 2009


Once again, it comes to the question of how to create a transcoder can handle step:

Question: If I cut an AVI XVID 720x400 in Final Cut Pro "must" - (who wants that) - to get it then passed as playable s.DVD Video DVD Studio Pro via Compressor, which sequence is setting in, I Final Cut choose there? Then I can adjust the settings window, neither the input nor the output format and the coding so right, so I would take almost a useless additional transcoding and recompression in Purchase? Or I could somehow set the sequence so that Final Cut Pro only renders into the final format m2v MPEG-2 6.2/7.7 Mbps 2Pass? Because when I use other settings in the sequence would still render the output from Final Cut Pro as MPEG-2 Sections ale and effects into the sequence or setting?

Sorry again, I think I have indirectly been asked once, but I get it right partu'nicht into my head.

The GUI of Final Cut Pro irritated me by the way taken as footage into the timeline and I will not come away thinking of my image type, and I feel a bit stupid. In Nuke I have a feeling that the original file remains untouched because one - figuratively speaking - the file anywhere, "purely draws," but will be setting just a Ausspielformat and presented in what format the picture to read.

If I cut around with a bad source material, such as highly compressed AVI, DivX, MPEG2 DVD footage, and that work must then be re-burn to DVD, although there is the possibility (of if there is no strong interference) are directly Compressor out to extract clips for the DVD and the most direct way to transcode to m2v and rekomprimieren, but sometimes needs to be done stop it, and it must, unfortunately, in the sequence, which wants to use a specific format.

I have made security and a false bottom out are almost always the Uncompressed 8Bit sequence setting in Final Cut Pro, but am not halt sure what the proper workflow for such "questionable" ... Footage I would hardly call it - is the one to touch as little as possible, "" will, thus, the compression artifacts are not even stronger.

Can I ask a washing ma head! Thank you! ....

Antwort von Axel:

The answer is always the same: ProRes. An Xvid decoder you should have by Perian. DVDs accept any Xvid, so you're forced to transcode to. The only question that remains is in what size? 7.2: 4 appears to me at first glance like a standard aspect ratio.

Antwort von Britta Leuchner:

Thank you Alex for your quick response. Madness. You're almost always the first here! Thanks in advance for the effort.

"Axel" wrote:
... DVDs accept any Xvid, so you're forced to transcode to. The only question that remains is in what size? 7.2: 4 appears to me at first glance like a standard aspect ratio.

Yes, I wanted to write about this, but unfortunately I had already typed as a novel. It is clear, of course, that a "final" transcoder step is inevitable: the progressive to MPEG-2 with the correct picture and Pixel Ratio and PAL interlaced, as has the XVID AVI square pixels and so is. Or, you should have anyway for Final Cut Pro, choose other settings, you can immediately synonymous with Final Cut Pro, etc. Scaling

"Axel" wrote:
An Xvid decoder you should have by Perian.

And moreover (because Perian): MPEG Streamclip and compressor will cope with the AVI XVID hervorrragend. Compressor seems somewhat haltingly in the GUI with the AVIs however sonsnt ....

"Axel" wrote:
The answer is always the same: ProRes.

But if I answer to my real question correctly interpret, is the "3" Transcoder-step through the settings in Final Cut Pro sequence so inevitable? Side question: Why do you pull over to ProRes uncompressed 8bit?

Thank you once before, and love greetings to the forum

Antwort von Britta Leuchner:

And now on it gets really funny: I see why no-interlace artifacts on the TV screen at the edges during motion, even though I accidentally transcode progressive XViD AVi's original test of the MPEG-2 preset compressor failed to progressive? In the habs players (on mpeg Streamclip, tested DVD Studio Pro, Cinema Desktop Preview and VLC) is not an interlacing set. And I'm on it synonymous respected that DVD Studio Pro does not transcode it again.

* confused * guck ... * Scratches head ...*

according to media info and it is synonymous videospec progressive m2v

EDIT: Oh God, I'm soo stupid! ... * Slap to the head! * ...

DVD material does not necessarily have to be interlaced. This depends on which see above the cut material was interlaced. Sorry, I'm really with codecs still on war footing. But I suppose I'll hopefully get soon times in the head. Progressive interlace material so it probably makes no sense.

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