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Frage von lilixxl:

Hallöchen love net community,

Yesterday's happened to me for the second time I save a Project in Final Cut, reporting from my external disk on which the lies, they get back s.and run Final Cut Pro again and it is a message that a number of clips offline. If I leave then I can look for the find, in the capture folder scrach, but then I get a message, you receive the in-and out-fit and not be adjusted.
I tear your hair and did not understand what I'm doing wrong.

I get my clips log on and transfer of a memory card. This issue arises you with clips from which I then use one segment, so more than once in the viewer and viewed in-and out-put and then move to the timeline. FC seems to know later of these in-and out-s s nothing more.
There is my problem?
And I would really, make (s)? If I need more clips from a clip?

best regards and many thanks in advance for all tips!



Antwort von stefangs:

I guess ... could be that your capture clips are spread on several plates. you can but they gather together with the media manager. I do so I always synonymous little hard because I like the clips together will have the project folder, but that's pretty damn Final Cut Pro.

So if an external drive is available nciht which is defined as a scratch disk is not available, the path (but with alarm) deleted. if you then * * the board again and start off signing new, it's too late already.



Antwort von mann:

"Lilixxl" wrote: FC seems to know later of these in-and out-s s nothing more.

FC makes an appropriate reference?

Which version of FC is it anyway?

Maybe delete the prefs once synonymous?


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