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Final Cut Pro 5 & iMovie: Unzählige Probleme :-(

Final Cut Pro 5 & iMovie: Innumerable problems :-(

Frage von dr_john_becker:
Juni 2008


I am of an ordinary Windows - PC to an iMac transition current, uA synonymous to Final Cut to be able to use (currently have version 5.0 installed).

Until now I always have with Adobe Premiere CS3 to work, and should ansich the transition to Final Cut is not hard - after all, most similar to controls (ordered).

Unfortunately, I am capturing the problems: jerky preview that while the "Log" or recording will be shown a little (bearable, but it is stop dumb) - is synonymous Vorschaubild something Griesel. What could be the reason?

If I for example with iMovie about games (mini-DV, and SonyVX2100 of 1000), the preview is absolutely clear, smooth & in a beautiful quality.
Also, the video material neatly inside of iMovie / okay, but I play the iMovie of created movie file (should be. Dv's, I believe) in QuickTime, it can be a negative quality difference (which is really absurd, because iMovie yes precisely this file uses / displays).

I would like in Final Cut Pro 5 previews the same quality (all the controls have already been maximally opened, but the only effect on, for example, the preview window above the timeline.

Also problemtatisch: In an interview I sequences in Final Cut sometimes grottigen Sound (48 kHz, 16 bits - conforms to the Camera - VX2100 attitudes) why always synonymous. In iMovie, the same sequences (recorded with an external Microphone - Mono should actually be, but in Final Cut, I have the stereo or audio track auto duplicated) a great sound without noise in the background. I play but the accompanying QuickTime file, so is the sound as well grottig inside of Final Cut Pro 5.0. Why?! :-(((

And: In what format do I export from Final Cut Pro, if I want to avoid differences in quality? At the moment I can only in QuickTime (or various sub-container formats) to export; Compressor does not send (,, the background process is not possible "- the solutions proposed in the Internet do not have this effect, unfortunately ...)... * Sigh *

Also, I have not yet succeeded, the mono sound of the VX1000 (actually only one track) on a 2 track, "double" or both stereo channels, if both synonymous with the same sound, speaking.

I was really totally happy on my Mac, but unfortunately it is my pleasure being passed something ...

Thanks for hopefully many suggestions in advance!


Antwort von Axel:

Dear Sebastian,
Stir all your problems, therefore, that you have a current iMac - that is probably an Intel - searched, but no universal software. Final Cut Pro 5.0 is still on the PowerPC architecture, written and run on an Intel as an emulation ( "Rosetta"), while iMovie of course part of the new operating system and is therefore running around. You have absolutely upgrade to a higher version if running Tiger on Intel, please FCS2 for Jaguar! The term of your problems are not surprising, more surprising is that the installer has not already been reported this software on this computer can not be installed.

Depending on the directional microphone and Presets (nix "auto") you have in Final Cut Pro, two identical mono or stereo track, with only the left channel has sound. Have you in the preferences a stereo project, there is no need to copy the link to the right channel, as in Premiere. You simply open the track in the viewer (left two of the preview window in the default configuration) by double-clicking it and generally the balance with the small slide. Or else you leave the mixture a later post in Soundtrack Pro, where there are finer tools (File> Send To ...). In the same way you verfährst with sophisticated effects (Motion) and the Export (Compressor).

My advice: Read the manual all the way through (yes, I know thousands of pages) or provide you with the well-made books from the Galileo Verlag, before you go. Premiere may look similar, but there are still so many differences that it is better from scratch.

Antwort von dr_john_becker:


Thanks for the answer!

Hmm, I'll probably upgrade a bit more intense and me in the matter it must work ... Lots of work. * Sigh *



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