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Frage von xTobe:

Hello Forum!

I have the following problem:

I bought Final Cut Studio 2. It can be all the programs installed EXCEPT Final Cut Pro 6 In the "Custom Install" it is not activated and not activated. I select the next line, then the info is below:
... "If there is already an older version is installed, you must update it first."

This is definitely not the case with me and has been installed a final cut.

Then I opened the package content and tries to install package of Final Cut Pro installed separately. The installation is aborted with the following message:

"Final Cut Pro can not be installed on this computer.

This software is only available on Mac OS X version 10.3.9 or install new ones. For details, see Please read the file.

How can this be?

Here is information about my system:

Macbook Pro (; 3.1 / 2.2 GHz/2GB RAM)
OSX 10.5.8

Maybe even someone s.was ne idea could be the reason that Final Cut Pro install can not be!

VG :-)


Antwort von Randoms:

Did you happen to LOGIC in the Calculator?
If so, time to google the issue, which you can find really quite fast.


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