Infoseite // Final Cut Pro 7 + SonyHDR-XR520: configuration problems

Frage von Ulrich26:

Trying in vain to match my SonyHDR-XR520 in Final Cut Pro 7 (; load MacOS 10.6.3) transmitted by "logging and". Final Cut Pro does not recognize the camera and takes no AVCHD-data (;. To MTS). Error message "folder contains unsupported media or an invalid directory structure."

In audio / video preferences I have in sequence "Apple ProRes 422 1920x1080 50i 48KHz set"; under Recording: "HDV-Apple ProRes 422 (, HQ) and under device control:" Sony HDV 1080i50 FireWire. "

The forum has been told often that there is no problem with FCP7 AVCHD data to load.

What am I doing wrong?
Happy about answers.


Antwort von Freddi:

"Ulrich26" wrote: ... Final Cut Pro does not recognize the camera ...
... Device control: "Sony HDV 1080i50 FireWire."
... What am I doing wrong?

Might be because you have not connected via Firewire Cam ... such a connection does not own the XR 520th
What then explains synonymous why your Final Cut Pro will not "compatible" data is concerned - it looks for HDV stream.

The shots you get only via USB of the plate.
The hard drive of the action should be recognized as a drive.


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