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Frage von JoesX86:

Hello dear forum

I have developed two bundles for self Schnitt/Compositing/3D a Mac Pro-like PC-based computer.

A bundle consists of each finished installed hard drive (; 10.6.6) + Original Snow Leopard 10.6 License (, full version DVD) + specific instructions and compatible parts list. Nothing has to be installed, only matching parts, join together to buy, build, hard drive & start (motherboard, CPU, memory, etc.)!
This is a great place with Final Cut Studio, Premiere Pro, Logic Studio, ProTools, etc. work without the original Mac buy expensive hardware to have.
Up to 4 monitors (, 2 graphics cards) are supported.
I tested both systems in detail, they are totally stable.

The High Performance Bundle supports the new, ultra-fast processors + ASUS Pro Sandy Bridge Board, a maximum configuration (, 16 GB RAM, i7-2600K@4.8 GHz) creates Cinebench 11 of about 9.5, about 14 200 and 32 Geekbench is faster than each original Mac Pro up to almost 4000 EUR. Hardware costs only 900 EUR.

The budget kit supports the good "old" but still top notch and super low-performing socket 775 processors on Gigabyte P35 boards with a Q6600@3.4 GHz and creates in the Cinebench 11 is approx 3.6, so pretty fast. While not as fast as the extremely high-performance system, but perfectly adequate for normal cutting and compositing. Hardware costs only 400 EUR.

Premiere Pro CS5 with "Mercury Engine (; hardware / GPU acceleration) with a cheap 9800 GT (; 1 GB) are also supported!
In particular, the budget system is emerging as a surprisingly fast cutting machine.

Of course the systems by appropriate choice of power supply, CPU cooler (; Noctua, EKL, Scythe) and insulated housing with little additional effort to build synonymous ultra silent, practically inaudibly quiet. Then, almost absolute quiet prevails s.Schnittplatz. :-)

More detailed information on interest via email to:


Antwort von JoesX86:

Small update 03/2011:

- OSX 10.6.7 update was successful
- USB-3 is stable
- A user reported the GTX 285 will also run very well and recommend the Gainward with 2 fans as Near-Silent Card.
(CB11 Open GL> 40 fps)

Supported Cards:

GTX 285 (according to user feedback)
9800 GT (X / S) (tested, Quad Screen: ok)
8800 GT (X / S) (tested, Quad Screen: ok)
8600 GT (S, X) 256 MB, 2 x DVI (tested, Quad Screen: ok)
7600 GS, GT (S) 256 MB, 2 x DVI (tested, Quad Screen: ok)

ATI5770: Dual Screen / DVI HDMI does not.

For Nvidia cards over 750 MB of memory can activate with a small hack the Mercury Engine (CUDA / GPU acceleration) of Premiere CS5. Instructions to exist in this forum.

Currently, the best boards for the Japanese crisis, unfortunately, very difficult because different components available in part from the affected area have come from.


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