Infoseite // Final Cut Pro direct login with 3s delay possible?

Frage von t9robsen:


I wish of my DV tape directly log, but it is always very difficult to find the exact beginning point to.
it is possible (as in premiere) log the tape with 3s or 5s in reverse?




Antwort von Jott:

Log is a workflow was from the 90s, when hard disk space nor expensive and scarce. In the present millennium, one takes a purely Tapes s.Stück and uses the start / stop identifier to each scene individually without manual shaking intervention in the calculator to have. Otherwise, Final Cut Pro has a wonderful manual that explains the secrets of synonymous manual logging process.

With the "automatic" you win and sometimes even a race against AVCHD, if any changes to take import and tapeless formats for more than Real Time.


Antwort von Axel:

In the dialog box to batch capture (after the Logbin is selected and determined after batch capture is enabled) you can find a second or third point, the so-called "processing margin", which is the automatic meat, what you were looking for.

But Jott's (Legal has always): Impractical.

If it has to go very quickly capture the entire tape and here) is equal to sift (real-time. A clip. These make notes about timecode points. After capturing the press timecode with scratch hit in Riesenclip and "i" and "o". Then with # + u a subclip draus do> Clip name is highlighted in the browser can be equal to = override, you give him an appropriate name, when sorted by chronological order in the timeline may only "001" then Rückführtaste. i + o not need to be deleted (#% + x), for deleting pressing of i or o the old ones. Copied nor of the U-Matic Analog editors at WDR, where the cut was already programmed in the views. A quick cut (the first, sloppy) often proves to be the more liquid, he is driven only of intuition.

Log, views and record: about three times real time (and a hot camcorder).

At a time, capture start / stop analysis, renaming and / or sorting of the individual clips: approximately twice real time. But is the best method for several reasons, is now starting too far.

On piece capture, plus rename subclips: 1, 25 times real time. With "001" ff can be the whole shebang even as it is drawn from the Browser into the timeline. Rough cut in record time.


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