Infoseite // Final Cut Pro files of photoshop tiff transparency is not displayed!

Frage von spawette:

hello people.


I do / do not know what I could have adjusted to working in Final Cut Pro is no more transparency ...

I have a frame drawn in photoshop and saved as a tiff with transparency. Now I want that frame of a video clip is, but then the video, which is not shown under the frame! synonymous if it is an image file on which you can not see ... So no preference whether video or image ...
but if I eg the frame for 5 seconds. long and let the underlying file 10 sec. I can as soon as the frame is gone, the file will see again!

synonymous render no help ....
in previous projects, it has always worked synonymous.

I guess the error is not s.tiff file, because if I open it with preview, is to see the transparency!

I hope someone can help me?!

thanks in advance!!


Antwort von Piers:

Is in the object properties (right click on File ---> Object Properties ---> format) near the bottom in "Alpha" may "not ignore /"?
Then to "directly" with right to convert.


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