Infoseite // Final Cut Pro no longer renders?

Frage von chrisdesac:

Hello together - have been able to render within the project file as normal always.

Now when I render in "Sequence" Final Cut Pro, go renders me nothing even more. I created a new project files, called synonymous old project files.
Final Cut Pro will render any more?

I have a problem in the basic setting that I accidentally changed.

So when I click on Render, he runs to me in 1 / 10 sec unger Endert by>.

Thank you for your help


Antwort von Axel:

First of noting that Apple + R only renders what is selected in the active window, which may very well be nothing. Alt + R however, renders, regardless of the choice, all outstanding clothes.

Then, is Final Cut Pro but vulnerable synonymous, to "adjust". Therefore, there are now several small "apps" on Apple's download site to ensure Final Cut Pro preferences on the type of Time Machine. Your problem is 100% fixed, if you delete all presets (> chrisdesacs Mac> library> preferences> - and, next below) folder> Final Cut Pro User Data in the trash.


Antwort von TiMovie:

The "normal" Render function only works if you have the timeline on this red line, then you can render synonymous with Choice to render the sequence with apple R!
Have you checked RT Extreme and on the timeline an orange, light green or dark green line should you do about Render sequence - just render - Full or Preview or Unlimited!

Vielleich you HIFT the next!


Antwort von chrisdesac:

About the timeline I have the red line - in all the test project file, the line is red.

It does not render. Perhaps the Preferences, but there I did not find the files in question - so I could delete synonymous nix


Antwort von chrisdesac:

So on the apple download site I found

Final Cut Assistant 1.0.6

Perhaps helping the reset of Final Cut Pro.

Anyone of you knows how such an app installed.

Bin Mac newbie


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