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Frage von Abercrombie:

Hello everybody!

I had recently with a Color Project of Final Cut Studio 2 and I know quite enthusiastic. My old Mac is pretty lame and I have an otherwise money for a MacBook Pro or a Mac Pro saves. Now that I know of Color synonymous and the features of Final Cut Pro 6 is always interesting, I have considered the Studio 2 to buy.
However, beyond this to my envelope. That's why I consider a Mac Pro instead of a Mac Mini to buy. I know that this is not nearly the same, but that I take in buying.
I would just like to know if color on a Mac Mini running. In Google there are different experiences in this respect. I've synonymous seen that color on an old Mac Pro because of the graphics card (only 64MB) would not start.

Now, my specific question: Has anyone here the entire Final Cut Studio 2 on a Mac Mini tested? Does it somewhat redundant?

Many many thanks for your info!


Antwort von bjoerni:

I have FCS2 installed on the MacBook, which with the performance of the Mac Mini should be comparable. I have SD-cutting done, what with FinalCut Pro on the MacBook synonymous went quite well.

The problems begin when you are more pictures in your projects. Here the space is probably the graphics card to play a greater role. Also you have the programs with Motion and Color certainly no joy on the Mac Mini. This applies of course for HD.

Quote from a forum post:
Quote: One of my clients has a mini with FCS:
Final Cut goes smoothly, Soundtrack Pro running DVD Studio Pro Motion synonymous and starts, but I have not yet worked. Color is definitely not.



Antwort von Abercrombie:

Thanks for the answer!

That makes everything a bit more complicated. Maybe somewhere I can a mini or a MacBook borrow. I would like to cut HD-try.

Color synonymous, I found on the Mac Pro a bit sluggish. This is probably synonymous s.der version 1.0.x.

Thank you!


Antwort von dermuenzritter:

The problems begin when you are more pictures in your projects. Here the space is probably the graphics card to play a greater role.

How much memory should be of a graphics card have?
When there is a Macbook with the 256 or 512 MB.
However, the price gap is around 300, - Euro!


Antwort von PowerMac:

Color and spin Motion, Final Cut Pro's, DVD Studio Pro synonymous. The problems are compounded by the "graphics card" causes.


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