Infoseite // Final Cut and PAL -> NTSC transfer?

Frage von kiosk:

Planned a shooting on HDV 1440 x 1080 / 50i (PAL) is.

These films should be cut and set into the net.

Edit applies to Final Cut (Mac instead) System in USA.

Then, create a home page for Flashes.

Can work with 1080 / 50i material, or need the mandatory NTSC?

What happens if I turn on HDV in Pal to NTSC and then encode?

I have loss of quality? how serious?

Or simply drag the material into the Pal Final Cut and edit it, the transcode on output in NTSC?

Looking forward to animal advice seriously meant,


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

On machines are the different format not a problem, the guys from NTSC country but should be back to inform you that it is PAL.

Conversions always go with - hand in hand depending on the technology - high quality loss. But as I said ... stay on the Calculator, then there is no preference anyway.


Antwort von Jott:

If there are video's for web, that's absolutely no preference. No reason for a rule change. You should capture the HDV tapes, however, and the HDV files on hard drive, BD-R or what ever deliver synonymous, not the tapes themselves, if not reversible, the player.


Antwort von kiosk:


"But as I said ... remains on the Calculator, then it is in any case no preference."

When finally has a DVD should be created ..?
The quality suffers despite Edit and expensive authoring programs?


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

If then it should be the result of an NTSC DVD, here's a way:

If Ausgangsamterial 25i (that is half-frames with 25 fps), I would first convert the 25i to 25p.

From the finished film version create a 24p (4% slower ... but s.besten by Cinema Tools now ... not with Edit program ... soft Pictureüberblendung and son stuff), because there is a 24p for years used procedures for playback in NTSC "3:2 pull-down

For DVDs in PAL land then as usual. PAL is already super universal ...


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