Infoseite // Final Cut suddenly choppy?

Frage von legria:

I work a lot with Final Cut, use an iMac with 4GB of RAM of the last series and all other Programs have closed otherwise.
Now Final Cut jerky suddenly very strong. The problem I had before. The sound is liquid, but not the image. Have the calculator once restarted, but the problem remains.

Why might that be?

Movie files are edited of a Firewire 800 drive and the product of einerCanon5d mark second

As I have said very much with this data, the program worked and the Calculator and the issue had never been until yesterday ...


Antwort von Axel:

Trash preferences.


Antwort von legria:

I use the German version. Ne idea where I just find it?


Antwort von mann:

Preferences / delete preferences hereby:


Antwort von Randoms:

Synonymous times the attempt to repair permissions using Disk Utility.


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