Infoseite // FinalCut exported as a DV-AVI: on the PC is not readable

Frage von HenrikHX:


of a friend, I have finished cut material in DV format. He uses Final Cut (Version I do not know) on a G4.

On my Windows computer, but the files have no file extension. I've just test. Avi or. Mov is appended, but the video could not be persuaded to play.

Could he perhaps have packed what compression formats is there on the MAC (eg, such as ZIP)?

Is there a way else?
Friend said I can not reach, otherwise I would ask him myself.

Thank you very much!


Antwort von Isekram:

Stabdardmäßig is placed in FCE / P a. Avi from.
Should open with Quicktime to be.

The biggest problem might be that he is not in the file 2 GB blocks has. Then the PC can not deal with.

What software do you want for now continue to edit?


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