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Finepix REAL 3D jetzt mit hochauflösendem 3D-Video

FinePix REAL 3D now with high-resolution 3D video

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
August 2010

Here it comes to news reporting with links and images on the pages slashCAM Magazine

Antwort von Axel:

Movies in the great boom is over, already ordered but, by reason of a year ago to great demand, but only now available facilities installed yet, but you fear already, whether Harry Potter 3D bait elicits a couple of dogs behind the stove. The bad 3-D technology (see this zum Bild zum Bild
(um 1850)--------------------------------------------(um 1950)
zum Bild
(um 2010)

Museumsstücke. Sie wird dazu beitragen, das Ansehen dieser Technik in den Augen des Publikums next herabzusetzen and die kurzsichtige Industrie auf den verdienten (x,y,z = "0") Boden der Tatsachen aufklatschen zu lassen.

EDIT: Trotzdem freuen sich natürlich alle auf Piranhas 3D, the very title of Cameron's debut "Piranha 2 - Flying Killer" alludes and also from the title of the top ten of the trashy film title fits: Snakes On A Plane, The Great White Shark in Venice, The Werewolf in the women's jail is someone yet what one?

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

I am thinking the other way: if consumer devices (first time) on the market and Television, which implement the 3D technology well, then you will no longer of 3D path. If only the cinema upgrade that would eventually see Sun But companies have since invested several million, you will be synonymous continue to invest to bring this technology s.den customers.

The 3D makes a good film, we know just how synonymous that a 5D MkII makes a good film.

Speaking of: The film was synonymous Inception not rotated in 3D, although Action and VisualFX without end ...


Antwort von WoWu:

The current market speak another language.
On the sales figures we can see that the consumer is more interested in his health s.einer Internet TV device, as s.einer 3D ability and as long as there is no standard for 3D and as a result of it again five different systems .... and in turn resulting therefrom, any Content will lead 3-D probably still a while a niche existence. And it should be the power of the consumer body s.dieser overestimate synonymous.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Well ...

5 years ago was already synonymous HD on and hardly anyone had an HD TV. But I am convinced (and those are of course pure speculation) that 3D-Television, which like synonymous with Internet connectivity in five years are much more common. Would I buy one tomorrow, Blue-ray player, then that would be synonymous one that supports 3D.

I think that advertising will be much stronger for the 3D technology, so the hype goes off to 3D-TV still correct if there are more and better equipment Prices on the market. I do not think that 3D is s.Abklingen again, I think the 3D on the consumer market starts in earnest.


Antwort von WoWu:

If it were content.
And there are HD since the mid-90s, then it was called only D2MAC. Time of the previous tests apart completely. But then there was synonymous TV equipment, stations that have aired all the Olympiads were then transferred already in HD .... that's all but synonymous, otherwise no content. And that was the point, as now in 3D ... No content, not even a system agreement. Each company wurschtelt again to himself.
And because the companies can still make as much advertising. The customer knows that he can not do anything with it, as it was HD.
Perhaps the companies have agreed in 2020 HD and get the umpteenth relaunch.

Antwort von penkeler:

HD has no disadvantages compared SD, such as the 3D side effects: headache and nausea.

Antwort von Axel:

"Blackeagle123" wrote:
I think that advertising will be much stronger for the 3D technology, so the hype goes off to 3D-TV still correct if there are more and better equipment Prices on the market. I do not think that 3D is s.Abklingen again, I think the 3D on the consumer market only really starts!

3D, perhaps, but whether it will be one of the now hastily Note that any consumer technologies? The cycles of new techniques are so short that the consumer will be dizzy. You do not have to be old to be well-s.Plasma Television (16:9, but SD) to remember at the fair, which cost 40,000 marks. Since then, one can look as price-conscious buyers to the quacks like Neo at the zeitgerafften Mr. Smith in Matrix I, patience and surprise. BD players are still out of date when it takes of the palette. Plasma is a bonus, LCD as well, and how the television has not 600 Hz? An LED bought expensive than last cry? Well, the toilet handle, the term "Full LED" was not coined yet. You inform yourself thoroughly, compare Prices, and you buy the state-of-the-art 3D-TV system. Not quite unlikely that it can not enforce against cheaper (and worse) - and not only likely, but even dead sure that it is outdated in a year, technically better by 50%, priced lower by 50%.
Computer games do not appeal to me, I imagine, however, that inter-action in 3D is better. That would be the niche. In addition, two or three mega-action blockbuster per year, which would be about what Cameron here Herculaneum, at least a small trailer?

Antwort von Jott:

I agree with wowu. Avatar After almost only came into the trash movies. As I leave only exceptions are animated films such as Top, that's quite fun. Only - from movies to the living room? As long as you need glasses, which will always be only a one-off event, never the norm. Glasses-display technology, especially for multiple viewers simultaneously? Until now, pure headache generators, is only a few minutes, the development is in a dead end.

Hannover-Messe: big noise with the 3D demo cinema one graphics card manufacturer. What was shown? Abysmally stupid stuff, so bad that even the lay audience between laughter and booing was split. Content? Non-existent. Football World Cup in 3D? So bad that the movies have opted out of the planned transfer after test screenings.

My advice: we experience the usual 3D hype that always hochschwappt again and again subsided, as had several occasions. I wish everyone who bought for a lot of money their 3D rigs that the stuff is already amortized.

Antwort von WoWu:

:-)) As always, thoughtful and admirably formulated, Axel.

Although nothing new on the issue and certainly OT, but at least unusual:
The first two seconds of video of Scarlet (in 2-D).
Well, if this is nothing? (And it does move when synonymous can expect slightly slower than 3D).


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