Infoseite // Firewire / transfer to PC

Frage von Olllllli:

Is a bit embarrassing with an XH A1 and turn then to as little idea of the successors. I hope someone will still be on my problems.

- I can find nowhere that the XH A1 a 6 or a 4 pin FireWire port has?

- On my PC are 2 Connections with the label 1394, I guess a 4 and a 6-pole input, however, is in the device manager only to find a Firewire port and I do not know now what cable should I buy.

- Do I have to make something that I can play the video on my PC? Not that I get a nasty surprise when I rent the camera. As a program I use Adobe OnLocation CS4.

Does anyone vlt a tutorial that could help me?

Many thanks for some tips!


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Olllllli" wrote: ... Can find nowhere that the XH A1 has a 6 or a 4 pin FireWire port ...
This is easy to identify because the two look different times: The XH-A1 should have my memory after a four-pole and the successor XH-A1s a six-pin connector.


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