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Kann Firewire den Anschluss am Camcorder kaputt machen?

Firewire can make connecting s.Camcorders broken?

Frage von Momas:
Januar 2006

Hello! I hope someone can help me. I have a problem that there does not appear to apparently. Synonymous've already looked here in the forum and on numerous Internet sites.

Somehow, the Firewire port to s.meinem Calculator Connections s.mittlerweile 2 camcorders (Panasonic, Canon seems) durchgeschmort (or what to have always synonymous).

For a long time my camcorder perfectly s.meinen Calculator, the calculator to the camera one day no longer recognized. Even a friend of one could not connect. On the wires, it may not have been because they went with the camera my friend, and although s.beiden computers. However, after I had his camera s.meinem Calculator tuned and they were synonymous, they were suddenly no longer synonymous. And although with no cable s.keinem Calculator. A visit to Panasonic confirmed to me that the connection s.Camcorders was over.

I've been durchgefragt me on numerous people, but either no one had ever heard of had such a problem or felt that this was not possible. But somehow it must do so with my calculator to have. I read something on the Internet synonymous potential differences, but I'm really smart it does not become. Hab mich schon so that a new camera abegefunden buy. 'm Afraid, but that the connection breaks down again. (not synonymous of the camcorder falls under warranty)

How would you proceed next? How can it be? Who could ask. Is there an official site IEEE1394 s.The you can contact?

Thank s.alle trying to help me.


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Tom,

electronic devices are very sensitive to static electricity. You may invite you s.Deinem PC space quickly (carpet, socks, synthetics, etc.) and it lacks a sufficient grounding.

Learn More:
FireWire FAQ">6. (b) ESD - an exciting topic! (and Link there)

Antwort von PowerMac:

Another Firewire card to buy.

Antwort von Kiara Borini:

Again and again, a bugbear: pantyhose and computer. Shoes, carpet, Brizzel ...

Antwort von hannes:

Had> .. no one ever heard of such a problem, or thought that this was not possible.

And if that's possible!
Precisely this case we had in the video club synonymous.
A colleague was able to capture any more. Other borrowed camera, was not synonymous, next try, also not. Then an ext. Plate hanging off, were not synonymous.

Then put another calculator and lo and behold, all devices were in the bucket!
A damn expensive test. Has a total cost over 1200 ¬.

Cause of error:
a broken 1394 cable, the power supply has been destroyed in the computing and interface. (Kink in the cable)

Everything came next of the interface.
The 2 were next to iO

Antwort von Markus:

"Kiara Borini" wrote:
Again and again, a bugbear: pantyhose and computer.

Oh, that's why I always get wiped! * joke *

Antwort von Hotte2:

Mal 'ne s.The silly question, who with sowas versed (with Electrics did not hold much s.Hute):
Can I deal with all the static charge, when I do the following:

- Before I connect the camcorder s.den Calculator, first time see, eg, the radiator touch geeredet () (make me unload)
- May take then take the camcorder in hand, again s.The heating, so that over me (ie my resistance unloaded) (if he is ever charged).
- Then the outer conductor of the touch s.Calculator connected FireWire cable and hold back s.den radiator.

So I am no longer statically loaded and Calculator and camcorders are then likely to be discharged synonymous accordingly. Then will go wrong but nothing more, right?

Course you want to just play it safe than sorry. And so'n handle s.den radiator is made so quickly.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Hotte,

is your radiator (non-conductive?) painted? Then, depending on the charge that would not help much that is. But you could grab s.den ground wire an electrical outlet. ;-)

Here I have some "potential" driving features and if I do not watch and then go s.meine ground ... :-O

Antwort von Momas:

Thank you for your assistance. A few more questions and comments:

1. It can not be the intention, every time hinzugreifen s.Heizkörper, Calculator and Camera anywhere, except that nothing gets broken. One would probably think that the technology has matured to the point where we can work around that.

2. What exactly do I need to touch anyway? Where what is grounded? (physics have been voted out in school;))

3. If a cable break is really responsible are then jacks s.Calculator still can be dangerous, or simply with correct nem new cable?

4. I've certainly worked for 2 years without any problems s.diesem Calculator. Can it be that I'm charging all of a sudden after 2 years? (Of what has almost nem Marvel Comic ... ESD-Man!)

5. Ne hundred percent coverage gibts probably not? (except maybe the new calculator and new jobs and new stockings ... well that can be expensive ...)


Antwort von AndyZZ:

"Markus" wrote:
"Kiara Borini" wrote:
Again and again, a bugbear: pantyhose and computer.

Oh, that's why I always get wiped! * joke *

You get a wipe, because you yourself are wearing tights, or because you constantly grabbelst the pantyhose the ladies ...
At first, it should then be an electrical discharge, the second probably more of a physical emotionally .... :) :-)



Antwort von Kiara Borini:

I once had a colleague who has sent computers to the happy hunting grounds, it was madness. Until we came out that she has taken off under my desk and then the pump is geschubbert with his feet on the carpet.

Thus, their potential is then often served with plugging of USB cables, schrotten port blocks.

So they are just the "high potentials" in the economy ...

Antwort von Hotte2:

Hi Mark,

So I s.meinem radiator synonymous s.and be a time of war so paved, although that is painted.

To leave my charge, I would naturally touch s.etwas bright (mother or thermostatic air vent).

But seriously: you could handle it really the problem or if not actually handle, but will minimize the risk?

Incidentally, I 'ne normal digital camera (that is,' ne photo Take a photo), I worked one day since the LEDs for the Auto Focus and Flash anymore. Coincidentally, after I had joined them synonymous s.den PC - via USB. Nachtigall ick hör Dir galumph ......

Insofar as this question is really more important for me!


Antwort von Kiara Borini:

Which, of course with the delicate USB connector Chen can be synonymous, is that through the in-and unplugging somewhere Kontak is bent and then closes to ground ....

Antwort von Mr.Music:

My connection to 'ner Canon MVX1i was once synonymous defective.
Since then I close the cables are switched off only s.wenn PC and Camera!

Antwort von Guido:

Yes I had with my sony cam synonymous to get the firewire jack broke. Problem was that I had not used an original sony firewire cable. I think the sony dv-in bushings are a tick less than the standard. Anyway, I have not the cheaper reingesteckt with excessive caution, and that's it then. After repairs, etc. I bought the original cable and has since had no more problems ..

Antwort von Markus:

"Guido" wrote:
I think the sony dv-in bushings are a tick less than the standard.

I do not think so. In my experience, is it more of a problem (too) expensive cable ...

-> Three categories Firewire Cables

Antwort von schingge:

Hey folks,
I have a pretty big problem. Have with a rental 2 SonyHVR-Z1E cameras had borrowed and geschrottet the FireWire port. I just know it ..

As I understand from this thread, it would probably have been the cable ...

My question:
How much did you have for paying for repairs to the FireWire ports?

Before the costs, I now have huge anxiety ne ... I'm looking forward to your reply!

Antwort von FreshPhil:

"Anonymous" wrote:

My question:
How much did you have for paying for repairs to the FireWire ports?

Oops, I thought would be logged, so is the question of me. How much you had to shell out?

Antwort von schingge:

"Hotte2" wrote:
But seriously: you could handle it really the problem or if not actually handle, but will minimize the risk?

The correct solution adapter: Always a Kramer 1FW PT.


Antwort von Axel:

A friend is shot the DV port on the FX-1. Camera was new, was a gesture of goodwill by Sonyrepariert. Since then, I'll do it as one of my outposts: Powering devices only when they are wired. Question: Does that help at all? I always s.Fahrstuhlknopf got gebritzelt one and have got used to advance slaps against the door. The impact is sometimes a real shock, though I inwardly ARMS. What is s.einem elevator button electric?

Antwort von hannes:

> What is s.einem elevator button electric?

Normally nothing.

But it's you. It is solely caused by your movement a statoelektrische charge of the body. That increase may be in serious cases, several thousand volts. Thank God, is not particularly a lot of energy behind it. Why do you feel in the derivation of earth an unpleasant shock, but it is of no serious threat to health.

In sharp contrast to the sensitive chips!
If the derivative of it, they are usually out.

Therefore it is quite useful in handling such sensitive parts prior to ground itself only once "to".

Antwort von Pianist:

"Axel" wrote:
Devices turn on only when they are wired. Question: Does that help at all?

No, certainly not reliable. You're possibly the one that the charge of external supplies.


Antwort von Maik:


I leave from handling, with an open PC cases
Despite warnings to connect s.Netzteil off (the power supply is indeed
eh encapsulated and 230 are open and accessible anywhere), the first handle is
once more to the housing, it has been discharged a few times so
(like when you on your knees under the desk) on synthetic fiber carpet
for sensitive operations (eg, RAM memory switch) is always one hand on the
) Housing (= earth.
I've already seen so few boards with such damage are usually USB - Ports
affected, broken PS2 and FireWire ports, I have seen synonymous.

If sowas occurs frequently, then you should check his house electrics times
: Keep in older homes, there are often problems with the ground connection
(Vintage zeroing), synonymous with no power strips or VDE CE Mark
(DIY goods or IKEA for einsfuffzig) I never would use to
high quality devices connect.

Best regards,


Antwort von Stefan:

"Maik" wrote:
... synonymous Steckdosenleisten VDE or without CE mark
(DIY goods or IKEA for einsfuffzig) I never would use to connect high-quality equipment ...

Since 1 January 1997 is no sale for such parts without CE marking allowed. If your competitors find such an offer, it will be expensive ...

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Maik:

"Stefan" wrote:
Since 1 January 1997 is no sale for such parts without CE marking allowed. If your competitors find such an offer, it will be expensive ...

Is true
But I often get into homes where the latest high-tech plant
with 10 consumers on s.der single outlet in range with 3 distribution
electrical outlets and 2 extensions (one of pre-1997 China-aus'm
Billigladen) is connected.
(I do not say that I do not have the same situation :-), I live
synonymous in the old building, but I at least) not a grounding problem.

Best regards,


Antwort von Axel:

I do not want to exacerbate the paranoia, but stories that can be geschrottet during a thunderstorm, all sensitive electrical equipment, one hears again and again. I have power strips with surge protection, but read in the "package insert" that provide them with direct lightning strike is no guarantee. Specifically for this case, I have completed an adapted home insurance policy. Theft, fire and water I think is unlikely, but there is actually an option to the device up to insure against lightning.

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