Infoseite // Firmware update for the JVC GY-HM 700 E

Frage von iMac27_edmedia:

Currently, there are at JVC a firmware update for the JVC HM 700, of the improvements I have experienced yet, "Vers 3.0.3 build 030 211"

Name and data type, serial number and then sends JVC a download link!

He came on, the update is published s.2. March 2011, the software
from 16.08.10 is already, so this could be the HM700 LowLux variant or the improvements of the HM750! This JVC writes nothing!


Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

Play just the new software, after the V03-01 is now the next 2 stages, the V03-03!
In most cases, JVC has a firmware update afterwards sent a new one.

I see noVeränderungen and noVerbesserungen synonymous!

All remains as it was!


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