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Erster Test des AVCHD-Festplatten Camcorders Canon HG10

First test of the hard-AVCHD camcorder Canon HG10

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
August 2007

First test of the AVCHD camcorders Canon HG10 hard of thomas - 14 Aug 2007 16:07:00
First Canon camcorder hard synonymous is also the first AVCHD camcorder. Technically, the Canon HG10 has many similarities with the highly successful Model HV20 including some improvements - what the other - by the AVCHD format-related - or worse there are differences, describes the trial of Camcorder Info.

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Antwort von uho:

For me would be an HV20 with SD card or hard drive at least an ideal, but if Canon ever sowas on the market ...

Antwort von resonator:

I think the times with the impracticality of the 24p mode comes because of her that might h264 generally rather poorly with telecined video can circumvent. I think that only the 24 frames with which pull and then through the encoder MPEG2 here wander the HDV Cams simply can handle it better. Could well be possible that the PAL version of the camera in 25p mode performs significantly better. Changes synonymous but nothing that if you cut AVCHD in Premiere wants s.einer Rekodierung comes not, ergo, useless at the moment.

Antwort von TURGUT22:

The shame is Dumm synonymousCanonso and AVCHD, giving birngt space saving storage when nothing costs more ........
If the Cam in mpeg2 or equal in with a format like the Canopus HQ codec recording would have been the hammer.
With wecheslbaren 2.5 "disks or automatic discharge to a Angestöpselte External synonymous, there would almost unlimited recording time.
Hoffentlcih mercy is and someone hacks the firmware!

Antwort von TURGUT22:

Is the (or any other detailed test) synonymous to German?
Thanks Frank

Antwort von lachaim:

here should be a given

Antwort von lachaim:

What really speaks against the fact that camcorders with hard disks on the hard drive just exactly the same data to land that is otherwise on an HDV tape to be written? They would then have the best of both worlds: the best HDV codec and a modern disk.
Since the first test reports on the HV20, I have a hard version of hoped, but how it looks, is still a little wait angsagt. :-(

Antwort von lachaim:

"Anonymous" wrote:
here should be a given

No, as you can see, there is no ....

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Host

They would then have the best of both worlds: the best HDV codec and a modern disk.

... because as far as HDV is not specified and because the AVC codec for miles is better than the MPEG 2 codec
... I recommend the parallel Topics
"What is bad about AVCHD" and convert HDV into 2AVCHD "

Antwort von Duracell:

@ WoWu

> Because as far as HDV is not specified

From the programmer viewpoint spits the HDV codec only a first sequential data stream from. Whether this on a tape or a file on a hard drive / memory card lands, plays no role, nor whether the playback via Firewire / HDMI / wasweissich the data from tape or from a file just read. As long as the camcorder outwardly HDV-compliant behavior, because I see no problem. This solution, if synonymous-internal camcorder (which you as user mitbekäme nothing) is not standard, I would personally rather than a bad implementation of AVCHD and thus a step backwards compared to the HV20.

> And because of the AVC codec for miles better
> Than the MPEG 2 codec

I like to think. But what it helps if he has not exhausted and properly implemented, and the HG10 in terms of image quality (especially at 24p), despite identical Optics has cut off much worse. Schade :-(

Antwort von fabkei:

HG 10 can you delete scenes without a computer and therefore space on the hard drive to create! Wow, this may SonySR8 and SR7 apparently not! There are 40 GG suddenly huge!

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"fabkei" wrote:
... without a computer ... delete the scenes, the SR7 and SonySR8 apparently not!

How do you react? In the manual of both Sony's find out how simple movies and still images in the camera can be deleted.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Marco:

For the SR models - Individual Pictures: Yes. Individual videos: Where is this because in the instructions? I can not in the paper manual, or in larger PDF which can be found. I find synonymous s.der Camera in the menu nothing of the sort. Either because when it comes to video goes, everything is deleted or not.

Perhaps there is but one way that I had previously overlooked.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Marco" wrote:
... Some pictures: Yes. Individual videos: Where is this because in the instructions?

I have only the pdf instructions are available, and there is on Page 27 under the somewhat misleading title "delete of images on the hard drive" Focus follows:
"Touch the HOME menu options OTHER-DELETE / ERASE Touch HD, SD DELETE (movies) or DELETE (still), depending on what type of recording you want to delete and then touch the picture to be deleted." etc.
The following chapter then treats the special case "To delete all movies or still images at once" with the same options of HD, SD and film stills.
Personally, I have a SR8 only once very briefly in the hand, but I understand the instructions so that synonymous movie clips can be individually deleted.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von fabkei:

So I think that's not misleading - pictures are probably not the same movies ...
Although it would be great if you can watch again Marco ... Thank you.

Antwort von Marco:

Bernd is right. The menu goes beyond this fact, is only ambiguous in the instructions described in the menu and just a bit unhappy presented.

It can be used in this menu, either all the clips as thumbnails or clips sorted by date created List. Then all the desired clips can be selected and optional vorgeschaut again be synonymous.
After confirmation, finally, all previously selected clip is deleted.

Sorry, this function (s) I've really had not found. But it works well.

Thanks for the note and the renewed search, Bernd.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Marco" wrote:
Thanks for the note and the renewed search, Bernd.

No cause! If interested in myself, because I simply could not imagine that elementary Sonyeine such function should be omitted.

Gruß Bernd E.

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